Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random thoughts this morning

As I alluded to in an earlier post, my personal list of questions continues to grow. Some of my answers are beginning to be answered but only the general questions. Along with the list of questions I also have a list of random thoughts that is more of a small journal. These cases are dynamic in the way they are reported by the mainstream media and the media has a somewhat predictable MO in these cases.

Now that there is enough general information and some detailed information of the shooter in the public arena and the police are apparently gathering clues away from the crime scene, the media will now focus on the victims and begin the exploitation of the "personal stories" from the massacre. This is the time when researchers should be working with their notes and begin connecting the dots. Vetting the data, asking the deeper questions and categorizing their findings. The real work of conspiracy theory research begins now.

This morning some things are sticking out as random, odd and oblique to the story that I thought I would throw out here on the blog.

1) The mainstream media hasn't identified a single wounded victim who is in the hospital. Who are they, what are their injuries and why the absence of reporting on these people?

2) Ismael Ax - Ignore this "factoid", all of you. If the shooter is a Manchurian Agent, the scrawled words are a planted distraction to take away effort and thought into the larger picture. If the shooter was not a Manchurian Agent then the words are nothing more than a sign of his deteriorated mental state.

3) No one seems to be working the gun, serial number and receipt angle. Why would the shooter have the receipt for the gun in his possession at the time of the killings? Why would the shooter file off the serial numbers if he was going to carry a receipt that would link him to the gun? How many clips did the shooter have? How much ammo did he have left? What were the other items in his backpack?

4) Why the discrepancy in witness reports of the shooters clothing? The earliest reports were that it was an Asian male, wearing a maroon cap and black leather jacket. Later reports state an Asian male, wearing a short sleeved tan shirt and an "ammunition vest". Why would both reports miss the backpack? Why would a shooters vest be mistaken for a leather jacket? Two different physical descriptions leads me to think there was a second shooter and the police have still not said with certainty that there was not a second shooter.

5) After checking out Google Earth last night I learned that the shooter's listed home is a long walk or a 5 minute drive from the Headquarters of the National Rifle Association and the National Reconnaissance Office.

6) This shooter was calm, cool, quiet and methodical. In the midst of absolute chaos and terror he kept his head and shot at least 41 people with amazing efficiency. This would be a minimum of 41 shots, with possibly as many as 123 shots within minutes and with a stunning kill ratio. All the while these victims were running and attempting to escape but he still hit the targets with kill shots. The shooter was well trained and well prepared, even prepared to chain and lock(?) the front entrances closed to keep potential victims from escaping.

The "he learned tactics from a video game" defense doesn't hold water. That excuse was used on Harris and Klebold but when you looked more closely at Columbine you realize that they bungled the job on many levels. The video game training defense doesn't hold up, especially in light of the shooters dorm roommate stating that the shooter was rarely in the room and the roommate didn't mention video games being an interest of the shooter, only downloading music.

The shooter had skills beyond compare for a "civilian".

I have many more random thoughts going right now but these 6 thoughts are the ideas that are floating in my mind most prominently this morning. Do you, as someone who is interested in this story from a conspiracy theory angle, have your own list?

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