Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to the grind

Yes, I am back and thinking about the future while dressed as sharply as the gentleman to the left.

I’m almost unpacked and I’m settling into the new digs. The neighbors are quiet and the new place is comfy. The only drawback so far is the commute to and from work, which has lengthened a great deal. I still have some organizing to do and I haven’t even hung my pictures and paintings but things are falling into place rather nicely. As an extra advantage, the layout of the new place looks more “homey” and inviting than my old place. My Victrola and most of my furniture never really seemed to “fit in” at my old apartment, now they all look more natural and organic in the new place. I feel more comfortable now.

There has been an added bonus to the whole move process that I didn’t expect. Before the move I was feeling a bit more eager and motivated to write longer essay style postings for the blog. I’ve fallen away from that in recent months. I will be returning to the format I was using last spring of longer posts interspersed with the short, reactionary postings on current events. I’m mulling some ideas on topics to write about but you can expect a more structured flow to the subjects and content. Politics plays a massive role in Conspiracy Theory but I feel that I have strayed a bit into Political Commentator territory and I don’t want this to be a political-centric blog.

I know that saying that seems a bit at odds with my last posting but I just couldn’t pass up one more chance at getting a dig on the Governor. I also recognize that my response, and the response so many people have these days in regards to politics, is so negative and derogatory because there is an aspect to the world of politics that veils the activities of those who hold positions of power. If you divide the electorate and foster the reactionary feelings they have in troubled times, the less likely they are to notice the shenanigans being pulled behind the velvet curtain of government. This is the essence of so many of the Conspiracy Theory and High Weirdness subjects; there is an undercurrent in our lives and our world. To hide this undercurrent it is sometimes best to create a ruse, a controversy or fear that consumes the public and provides cover for the activities best suited for darkness.

I am also looking at digging into my old news clipping archives for some inspiration and subject material. There is a wealth of information and source material to go over and it has been quite some time since I dug into those with gusto. Keep an eye out for more frequent and in-depth postings as I sort through these things and get back into the groove of writing. I may make some non-CT related posts over the next week just to get my brain and fingers back into gear.

Item #1 on the Sonny-Do list -- Pray that the Razorbacks whup the Vols.

For years I thought we Georgians would never see a Governor as lazy as Joe Frank Harris. Governor Harris, while intending to do good things, couldn’t have gotten less done during his tenure in office even if he had slept 23 hours a day. Yes, his education reforms were positive at the time and we have the Georgia Dome, but that’s about it for Governor Harris’ legacy. Now we have a real malingerer residing in the Governor’s Mansion. Sonny Purdue’s mastery of laziness is so powerful that when I recently drove down West Paces Ferry Road, I had to pull into the shopping center at the intersection of Northside Drive and take a nap. It's as though simple geographic proximity to the Governor will induce a deep state of lazy bones.

Other than trying to sue the living shit out of the Army Corp of Engineers and giving us an idea of how high the IQ’s of the Governor’s of Alabama and Florida really are when compared to his, Sonny has done little more of late than schlump his way through a prayer vigil for rain. Instead of action and leadership, Sonny will bow his head and pray for rain. I guess it’s easier for him to ask God for rain than it is for him to lead the state through this crisis. Now don’t get me wrong, I may be a member of the Church of No Permanent Abode but I do have faith and I am not mocking prayer or believers. The thought of our Governor wasting his time in a glad-handing public display rather than addressing the problem and making hard choices is just too ripe for me to pass up.

If we get a big gulley washer and the reservoirs all over the southeast fill to the brim, does this mean Sonny has favored son status with the Almighty? If that is the case, why did Sonny wait so long before he prayed for rain? If the prayer thing backfires and the drought worsens, does this mean Sonny is on God’s bad side? Should the Governor pray for something more attainable? For instance, how about a loss by Tennessee this weekend and a UGA win over Auburn? Can he get more mileage by praying that McKay and Blank can shore up the offensive line?

I’ll be praying today. I won’t be praying for rain, I’ll be praying that these stupid elected officials like Sonny Perdue don’t flush the damn toilet that this country is sitting in. I’ll pray to see a PSA on TV, with a brown and sun scorched lawn in front of the Governor’s Mansion and our bald headed, chubby boy named Sonny telling all Georgians that we have to rethink how we use this finite and precious resource known as water. I’ll pray that Bonaire’s favorite son will not embarrass us more than he already has.