Thursday, May 10, 2007

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I'll be busy over the next few days and I really won't have time to post until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Keep those emails coming, I really enjoy them, but don't expect a new posting until early eek. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How the melamine and cyanuric acid contamination effects byproducts that you will consume.

One unfortunate trait that Americans share is our lack of ability to think more than one step ahead. We may think we have foresight but in reality we can’t think beyond what is directly in front of our faces. The issue of melamine-tainted feed is one of those issues. While we worry about the safety of the chicken and pork we eat, as well as the ingredients of the food we feed our pets, we aren’t thinking about the secondary and tertiary uses of the animal processing business.

Modern agricultural methods squeeze profit from it’s products using every possible source. The old joke that no one really wants to know what goes into sausage isn’t entirely what I am referring to, although that does play a major part. The byproduct of animal farming and processing is precisely what I mean in this case.

Let’s take the recent announcement that the feds were looking into the effect that melamine tainted feed being fed to farmed fish could have on our health and safety. While our initial response is to worry about the fish filets and canned fish that are bought at the grocery store, there is another aspect to this process. The meat of the fish is only one part of the animal that is used in other dietary and food products. Fish oil and fish livers are used in dietary supplements of many varieties, not just dietary supplements such as vitamins. Protein shake mix is one use, recycling fish livers into other fish and animal feeds is another.

We know that the melamine found in the pet foods that were tainted affected the renal and endocrine systems of those animals. While the sensitivity they showed may not have been identical to how a human body reacts, it does bring up the question of how the melamine and cyanuric acids found in those feeds would react in a concentrated form in the body of animals and humans. The processing of contaminated fish livers could increase the concentration of those products and in turn increase the concentration in humans and livestock due to the consumption of those products in the form of dietary supplements or processed food ingredients.

By the same token, processing contaminated fish into other animal feeds would re-introduce the contaminants into the food chain, effectively increasing the chances of human exposure. With so many products and chemicals that have been banned from use in America due to their long-term effects on the human body, we have to look at this seriously. Are we forgetting DDT or PCBs? Yes, we are forgetting them. There are no studies available which document the effects of long-term human exposure to melamine or cyanuric acid. In other words, the government and our health officials have no idea how these chemical compounds will effect our health 20, 10 or even 5 years down the road.

Waste products from fish farming are also a factor. The offal or bodily waste of farmed fish, is also processed for other uses. Offal is used in the making of other animal feeds, including fish feed. Fallen stock from fish farming is even used biogas production in Europe. There is literally nothing left behind in this industry. Anti-bacterial drugs are also used in the fish farming industry just as it’s done in the cattle, pork and poultry industries. Chemicals are given to farm raised salmon to improve their color and the residue from these chemicals is ingested when you consume them.

The point is that this is closed loop system and the introduction of a new chemical compound into one part of the equation introduces the chemical into the remaining parts. When the government allows fish, chicken, pork or beef that has been fed tainted food, no matter how small in quantity, to be introduced to our food chain, it will affect all areas of the food chain, not just the end product. The contaminants that are present will be processed and concentrated in the various bodily systems of these animals and be combined in the processing of those organs in a factory. The concentrated contaminants are then passed on to you and I in some other form. There may be little if any melamine in the salmon croquettes you serve tonight or next month, but the vitamin pills you take with that meal may have much higher levels of contaminants because of the ingredients of that supliment. The long-term effects are unknown and you and I are the guinea pigs.

Was Cho's "demon possession" a smoking gun clue of mind control?

The recent revelation that the mother of the VaTech shooter, Cho Hyang-in, requested assistance from the One Mind Church to remove from her son what the church’s head pastor called a “demonic power”, is stunning. Serious researchers of MKULTRA and it’s associated projects such as Project MONARCH, and those familiar with victims of mind control projects sooner or later come to the subject of demonic possession in their research. To the members of an evangelist church the signs of mind control that Cho may have displayed could have easily been misinterpreted as demonic possession. It is also known that aspects of the MKULTRA program included the use of Voodoo, mainstream religion and the occult in conjunction with mind-altering drugs. Is this revelation a “smoking gun” of Cho being a mind control victim and that the VaTach massacre was indeed a BlackOp?

In their book, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler wrote, “If we understand programming from the Programmers point of view, they believe in both MPD and demonic possession.” If we look at the known comments made by Cho’s roommates and few acquaintances at Virginia Tech it is easy to see aspects of their memories of him, which hint at the possibility of Multiple Personality Disorder as well. MPD was also a subject of great interest to the Intelligence Community during MKULTRA and techniques were developed which utilized information gleamed from the psychiatric research community.

One event that has been reported quite a bit involved Cho identifying himself in class with a question mark. The symbolic connotations of a person who identifies their name as “?” is chilling when the subjects of MPD and demonic possession are brought up. Can a person with MPD really identify who they really are? Would a person who believes, or has been told, that they are possessed by demons have self-awareness associated with their given name, or would they not be able to name what they believe is their true identity?

Other comments by Cho’s roommates and classmates about his behavior are equally ominous. His roommates say they did not know what classes he took. They claim that he was rarely in his room. It’s been reported that he was a video gamer, but no one in the VaTech gaming community was familiar with him. Cho seems on the surface as a persona non grata. It is as though he was invisible, yet we know that his presence was well known in the faculty of the English department of the University. How can a person operate in their environment as both an unseen being and a notorious person?

It is known that mind control techniques are understood in which the subject is told or programmed to “edit out” certain subjects, objects or memories. Yet those closest to Cho seem to show signs of this very same control. While I believe it may be possible that those people have also been programmed, I believe it is not likely in this case. My belief is that some technique unknown to the public was used on Cho in which his personality was altered in a way to lessen the impact and memory he had on other people. In effect he was an “invisible man”.

One way to look at this idea of being programmed as an invisible man is to think of the basis of religion for an analogy. Worshipers believe in an unseen being(s) for which they shape their beliefs, actions and life to please this unseen being(s). Is it possible that an individual can be trained/brainwashed to display their body language, speak words and have an overall presence which triggers the sub-conscious mind of those around them to “ignore” their presence rather than accept their presence based on faith that they “exist”? Can a person passively or covertly hypnotize others into not seeing them?

If this were possible it would explain many of the inconsistencies and contradictions about Cho’s life and academic work at Virginia Tech. It would also lead to the questions of who did this to him? Why was this done? What was the reason for the massacre? I posted a comment soon after the attacks where I stated that a BlackOp of this nature would be green lighted for one or more of the following 4 reasons:

1) A real world test of some mind control technique.

2) To create a ruse which takes attention away from something else.

3) To act as a part of a larger operation or to change the public view via a moral panic episode.

4) To provide cover for the targeting of an individual (whether they were a part of the massacre or not).

Let’s look at some possible answers to those 4 questions in the context of this posting:

1) If this was a test of a new technique, what are the components of this system of mind control? It’s possible that the invisible man hypothesis I presented is an aspect of this technique, but it’s also possible that the testing was more centered on a scripted plan to see how first responders reacted within a controlled environment with multiple points of concern. Another facet of what could be learned after the fact of this event is how information spreads from a central event within a controlled environment. We know that the students who were killed had virtually no knowledge of what had happened across campus less than 2 hours earlier.

2) The ruse theory looked very promising at the time of the shootings. Attorney General Gonzales’ testimony before the Senate was delayed because of this event, but there was little lost attention on this event. By time Gonzales sat before the Senate Judicial Committee the urgency of the shootings had waned, and in fact NBC News had already begun apologizing for airing the footage sent to them by Cho on the morning of the shootings.

3) The moral panic fallout from VaTech is minimal to say the least. It is almost too minimal when you begin to really think about it in hindsight. For weeks after the Columbine shootings the debate over gun control, school bullying and the effect of entertainment and mass media were raging. Those same subjects have been all but ignored in this case. Only a minor movement gained ground over gun laws and there has been a minor discussion about mental illness treatment. If this was a part of a larger operation, it is now apparent that this was simply the opening event in such an operation. The recent disclosure that Presidential candidate Barack Obama now has the protection of the Secret Service is troubling in this light. The threat of a return to the political assassinations of the 60’s and early 70’s is a frightening prospect.

4) There has been no disclosure of persons from the shooting having connections to projects, agencies or organizations that should be looked into and there have been no reports of strange deaths of foreign nationals that can be questioned because of the timing. So I think this point is now moot.

What is obvious about this event is that Cho wasn’t a “lone nut” whose actions can’t be explained. The peripheral facts that are still emerging slowly all point to a much more nefarious source. Continued research is needed but very slowly and under the radar of most Americans, the facts are emerging.

News - Verizon tells court they were exercising 1st amendment rights in NSA spying scandal.

This will make your head spin. Verizon is claiming that the lawsuit filed against the company for helping the government spy on it's citizens, should be dropped because they were merely exercising their first amendment rights.

The gravamen of plaintiffs records claims is that defendants allegedly communicated information about them to the government namely, that a call was
placed from a certain telephone number to another number. Communicating such
factual information to the government would be speech that is fully protected by the First Amendment.

When the country is engaged in an armed conflict with foreign enemies, that right applies to communicating information that may be useful in defending the country from expected attacks. Based on plaintiffs own allegations, defendants right to communicate such information to the government is fully protected by the Free Speech and Petition Clauses of the First Amendment, and is a privilege and immunity that arises directly under the federal Constitution.

We've seen far too many examples of ideas and words being redefined to suit the wants and needs of the powers that be over the last 6 years but this one is an award winner. I honestly don't know where to begin. This is a prime example of why I absolutely despise the mega-corporations in this country. It's just mind boggling to think that this defense could work for them.

If this doesn't work in the court, the President is ready to push a bill in which there is a section that would grant all telecommunications companies retroactive immunity from any and all legal action by the American public in relation to their efforts to assist the government in spying on us.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sports - Gilles Villeneuve 25 years later

Villeneuve with Enzo Ferrari

25 years ago today we lost Gilles Villeneuve in a tragic crash while qualifying at Zolder. It was difficult for Americans to follow Formula 1 until ESPN took over the television rights in the late 80's and ABC's Wide World of Sports was our only option. Even then we only got the races a week later on tape delay and heavily edited. But it was difficult to miss Villeneuve's tragic death that year.

Villeneuve had a reputation for grabbing a car by the scruff of it's neck and wringing it for all it was worth. Seeing him race in anger was a true pleasure to behold for this, then teenager. Villeneuve would push the car to it's absolute edge and he would either win, crash or break the little Ferraris with style and courage.

The age of the Internet has been extremely kind to Villeneuve. His greatest and worst moments can be found on YouTube and other video sharing sites. His reputation seems to grow with each passing year as a wildman with no fear and a true legend has grown up around this man.

Villeneuve's legendary run back to the pits at Zandvoort.

His legacy can be seen in video and photographic footage. The manic race back to the pits in Zandvoort, first with a flat tire, then on 3 tires and a rim and finally a wobbling Ferrari with sparks trailing. The amazing final laps of Dijon, where he and Rene Arnoux swapped places and went wheel to wheel as though their lives depended on the outcome, even though they were racing for a 2nd place finish. The almost spooky practice at the Glen in '79, when Villeneuve ran all out in a downpour so heavy that only 6 tried to record a lap time.

The year of 1982 was a true "annus horribilus" for racing fans. The FISA-FOCA war raged in Formula 1, Villeneuve died at Zolder, Paletti died on live television in Montreal before the race could even start, and just weeks later Pironi neary died in a horrific crash at Spa. In CART, Jim Hickman died at Milwaukee and Gordon Smiley was killed in one of the most sickening crashes ever seen at Indianapolis. That was the first year I understood what Robert Daley meant when he called racing the "cruel sport". A huge amount of my interest in racing left that year. It was too much for a 16 year old kid to handle. The racing bug didn't return until I attended the French Grand Prix, almost by accident, in 1989.

Typical Villeneuve

I'd like to look back at Villeneuve's career not thinking of it's tragic end or asking the mind numbing question of what could have been. I'd prefer to think of him wringing the neck of that little Ferrari, taking corners too deep and too fast, only to pull it off with flair, style and bravery.

It's always the girlfriend that breaks the camel's back.

WASHINGTON: Paul Wolfowitz came under renewed pressure to resign as World Bank president on Monday as a bank committee formally transmitted its findings that he was guilty of a conflict of interest in arranging for a pay raise and promotion in 2005 to Shaha Ali Riza, his companion.

Read the rest of the article at the International Herald Tribue website.

Just as an aside, you'd think that with the $193k per year salary that Wolfowitz's girlfriend is making, thanks to him, that she would use her woman's intuition to "clean up" her boyfriend and bought him some socks. Isn't that one of things women love to do, make a project out of the guy they are dating?

News - Melamine contamination scandal expands to include farmed fish feed

WASHINGTON - Farmed fish were fed meal spiked with an industrial chemical linked to the ongoing recall of pet foods, though the contamination level was probably too low to pose a danger to anyone who may have eaten the fish, federal health officials said Tuesday.

We've had pet food, feed given to pigs, feed given to chickens and now feed given to farmed fish in this scandal. What's next? Only two more areas in the human food chain are left, feed given to cattle and used in processed human foods. Once we get to cattle the other area of concern would be milk.

For prior postings on the melamine scandal click here.

White House to Kansas; tough luck so shut up already.

Once again we are seeing that when the ability of a state to provide disaster recovery to it's own citizens has been reduced and the blame for that decreased ability is placed squarely where it should be, on the current administration in the White House, the response is denying responsibility and questioning the competence of your local and state government officials.
Katrina should have been a wake-up call to most Americans as to the true nature of the powers that be.

White House spokesman Tony Snow responded curtly to questions today regarding the state of the Kansas National Guard's ability to provide disaster relief following this past weekend's tornado outbreak. "We are eager to provide what Kansas needs," Snow said. "But again there are also -- you also have to go through the process of making the request first." The translation to what Snow said in his complete response is, "You have incompetent leaders in Kansas."

The problem, in a nutshell, is that the Kansas National Guard, like every other state, no longer has the equipment it once had. 60% of the Kansas National Guard's equipment is no longer in Kansas, it's in Iraq, where it has either been destroyed or left in theater because of the Army's logistics orders which keeps them there instead of being shipped back when the units rotate home. Kansas, like the other 49 states, is left to provide disaster relief with far less equipment and personnel than they are required to have due to the war in Iraq.

When the White House deflects the root cause of this lack of equipment by calling into question the capabilities of local officials they are following the same path they took following the Katrina debacle. I'm not in the least bit surprised by their response to the Governor's comments about their National Guard equipment issues. I'm planning on writing a longish piece on this phenomenon at some point in the near future. What I can say now is to not be surprised by the White House's response. If you don't know already, all of us are on our own. When a mass of people die in this world, it pleases those who hold true power in America and the world at large. This is the subject of the future post.

News - Stacking the deck

Here is an interesting little news tidbit from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Faced with a funding shortfall, the state's public defender agency has
eliminated 41 full-time jobs — about a 12 percent reduction in its workforce.
Among those losing their jobs are 14 lawyers across Georgia. The layoffs are
expected to increase the caseloads of the remaining defenders. The statewide
system was created in 2003 to replace underfunded county-run programs that
provided legal representation for indigent defendants in criminal cases.
Lawsuits alleging constitutional violations were filed against a number of
county systems before the statewide system was established.
(free) is required to read the rest
of the article

I'm sure you have read various articles or heard news reports on the ever-skyrocketing rates of incarceration in this country. Here in Georgia we are faced with an ever growing prison population and an attitude that every citizen is simply a criminal waiting to be caught. Based on 2004 numbers provided by the Department of Justice, Georgia has a higher crime rate, prison population, incarceration rate, number of people on probation and parolees than the national average. We are also paying less per capita for prison expenses than the national average. And yet there are still constant demands to cut the cost of maintaining the prison system while there are still more new laws being passed and the ever present "get tougher on crime!" screams are heard daily. What the hell is wrong with us?

What we need in Georgia, and a lot of other states, is to get more people like Loretta Nall from Alabama involved in the political process in their states. Nall, who parlayed an overzealous pot bust into a serious run for the state gubernatorial seat last year, has stayed active in educating her fellow state residents in the fallacies and faults in their state's criminal justice system. Nall is bringing the common sense of the common man and woman to a higher level of recognition in her state, much to the chagrin of the front line elite of Alabama politics.

With this new round of budget cuts to Georgia Public Defenders office, what we see is the state attempting to stack the deck even more against the poor and defenseless among it's citizens to ensure that the prisons are stocked with fresh new faces. Georgians will only realize the false safety and failure to properly govern in this manner once one of our own can come to the forefront and stick the truths of this matter back into our faces.

Oh, me bleedin' ears hurt

I'm having a great deal of trouble focusing this morning. I have a ringing, roaring wave in my ears. The tinnitus is back in spades. I'm an apartment dweller, which means that if the mood strikes me to crank it up at 1:00 AM, the headphones have to come out. Otherwise I'd be looking for a new place to live every few months. I'm too old for that.

There are still a lot of albums and CDs in my collection that aren't safe to play at any volume, any time of the day. Most people don't share my continuing love of Fear or the Dead Kennedys even though their heyday has been over for close to two decades now. Even Fugazi can elicit funny looks from the neighbors unless you live in the bohemian enclave of your city.

I've been having insomnia problems of late so at 1:00 AM last night I had one of those needs to put on The Who. You can't play The Who at moderate levels, regardless of the time of day or your age. Out came the newer, deluxe editions of Live at Leeds and Who's Next. I felt better, was able to fall asleep and now my ears are roaring.

Of course years of doing this as well as going to shows where my goal was to get as close to the big full stacks of Marshalls, and listening to my own guitar "skills" through headphones have not exactly helped the cause. The damage was done years ago, I'm only exasperating them. Where the hearing loss is most apparent is when I am eating out with someone and I can't hear through the mid-range background noise that is common in a restaurant, or even a bar. "Eh?" "What?" "I Can't hear what your saying." I am not a lot of fun on a dinner date.

With The Who still in my head this morning I've started to wonder about an aspect of R&R that's been missing for a long time, one that I miss. Are there any bands left who just drip in danger and possibility like The Who and others did in their day? I can distinctly remember skinheads causing a near riot at The Fox here in Atlanta when they showed up on Peachtree as the fans were leaving after seeing The Clash. That, was real danger and the Clash's fans weren't dumb thugs. The thugs dropped by to have a go and the Clash fans wouldn't abide. This wasn't just an adrenaline pumping addiction the fans had, there was a sense that anything was possible at some concerts. I once left a Replacements show in the mid-80's, one where they were "on" and felt like anything was possible in this world. I still miss Bob Stinson.

Do they even make music like that anymore?

Monday, May 7, 2007

Eerie screenshot

Here is a strange coincidence for you. I did a Google search with a few random words and phrases that are related to infamous mind control or Manchurian Agents with the name of the VaTech shooter. Look what came up, a portion of Cho's statements in the videos that were sent to NBC News which were randomly picked with a list of JD Salinger quotes.

You have to admit that in light of the strange connection that many mind control victims have with Catcher in the Rye, this is pretty interesting.

(note: I did a little photo editing of the system tray from my PC in the screenshot to remove the time and running programs from the image. What can I say, I am a bit paranoid.)

News - More evangelical connections to the VaTech massacre

Reports are surfacing that the VaTech shooter had yet another tie to extreme right-wing fundamentalist churches. It’s being reported that the mother of the shooter had sought the assistance of the members and pastor of the One Mind Church of Woodbridge Virginia before the shootings occurred. The pastor of the church, Rev. Dong Cheol Lee, described a “Demonic power” that had taken hold of Cho.

News reports are calling the One World Church a Presbyterian congregation. Deeper research into the church finds that it is associated with Darakbang evangelism within the Remnant Movement (Restoring the Evangelism Movement Needed in All Nations Today) which is also associated with the Seventh Day Adventists. In total, there are 5 of such churches in the Washington DC area.

One can only wonder how visions of the apocalypse and the Book of Revelations would have had an effect on a mind control subject. For more news and postings about the VaTech shooter, click HERE.