Friday, August 10, 2007

Will Musharraf get the Diem treatment?

There is a chilling report at the CNN website at this moment regarding the US Military Intelligence Community doing research to assess how Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal would be protected if President Musharraf were “replaced”. This sort of talk reminds me too much of what befell Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963. In the case of Diem, he was assassinated by ARVN forces in a coup which had the overt approval of the US government. Of course we all know how the CIA, the Military-Industrial Complex and the armed forces took his assassination as the green light to go ape shit for the better part of the next 10 years.

Is Musharraf in danger of becoming the next Diem? I think it is not only possible but probable. Already the parrots have begun screaming that without Musharraf in power an Islamic fundamentalist government will take hold in Pakistan and crazy Muslims with nukes are the biggest boogy man TPTB own. It does not matter that the Islamic power structure in Pakistan is actually in the vast minority. It matters not that Pakistani’s see India as their sworn enemies and not the west. All that matters is pulling out the scary doom and gloom of radical Islamists.

I do not feel comfortable with the status quo in Pakistan. The government is shaky at best, and they do have the nukes. TPTB may appear to be shaken in America by looking at poll numbers but they are as firmly entrenched as ever. The Democrats are still enabling them and in effect, condoning their actions. The mad end-times lunatics are still devoted to the idea of Armageddon occurring in our lifetime, the sooner the better. The xenophobic still thirst for the blood and death of brown, olive and black skinned humans.
The ideas have been floated in the mainstream press that something is going to happen in Pakistan, and the mantra is still fight them over there, blah, blah. blah. When the government is looking at contingency plans if Musharraf falls we should look at it as a warning of what the government wants to do.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Oral Majority

I wonder if I am limiting my sexual enjoyment by only having sex with free spirited liberal leaning women? It seems that tough talking manly men in the Republican party are pretty adept at giving head based on current events. Should I stop chasing the wild east Atlanta bohemian women and start focusing on the guys wearing Brooks Brothers suits who haunt the state capitol?

Florida State House Rep. Bob Allen got busted last month for soliciting oral sex from “a pretty stocky black guy” in a public park restroom late one evening in July, for $20. The “stocky black guy” turned out to be an undercover cop and wham-o, Allen got hauled off to the pokey (no pun intended) for a little Q&A at the Broward County jail. Hmmm…even as a straight man I’ve always heard about these so-called cruising spots. Allen must have thought he was at Hartsfield-Jackson.

For Allen’s defense he says he was in no way at the park looking to give a quick, public BJ to settle his lustful little right wing heart. No, he says he was all askeered of the big scary black man and offered to give this man $20 to suck his hoo haa just to keep himself from being a “statistic”. You know, I’ve felt very nervous and unsafe in certain locations and times around Atlanta over the years. Defusing the situation by paying to give a dangerous looking man a wet sloppy hummer was the last thing I thought of doing.,0,1892734.story?coll=orl_tab01_layout

If that weren’t enough, the National Federation Chair of the Young Republicans, Glenn Murphy, has resigned his position after police reports have surfaced that accuse him of giving an unwelcome blow job to a young man while he slept. Ya know, I’ve woken up to the wonderful sensation of oral pleasure being performed on me while I was asleep on many occasions. Of course, it was being done by a Birkenstock wearing hippie chick who was being extra nice to this paranoid bugger with her reckless sexual abandon.

What is it with these uptight, gay bashing, family values sort of Republicans giving BJs away like they are candy? Hell, they are even paying to give oral pleasure. No woman even gave me so much as a nickel if I let her go down. Maybe these moral high road fellas are onto something very progressive and forward thinking? Do Republican women act this way too?

Good Lord, have I been making a mistake for all these years by sharing my bed only with wild liberal women? Are the Republican women little sexual hell cats, who’s wiles are so great that they can drive 100% hetero dudes into paying strangers to give juicy oral action in public men’s rooms and on unsuspecting Young Republicans while they doze away? What sort of sexual pixie dust are these people sprinkling?

The mortgage crisis -- Fight back with creative living.

I’m not an economist, just an average every day American Joe, but the current situation with credit, mortgage firm failures and the skyrocketing costs have me worried. I can balance my checkbook, create a good personal budget and manage the budget of my department at the office. I have no idea of how to operate in the greater financial sector. I don’t think I need a PhD in economics to understand a few things.

The larger picture of finance and the economy in America is designed and manipulated to keep you and I under someone’s control. I earn a decent lower-middle class salary, I actually pay more in taxes per year than I grossed 10 years ago. I work hard and I’ve worked my way up from being an ex-sailor working construction sites as a pipefitter to heading a small IT department.

50 years ago I would be living the so-called American dream. I’d have a new ranch house, family, small luxuries of life. I would drive a new ’57 Chevy station wagon, take the kids to Florida every year and put aside pennies each week to save for the future.

Today I don’t own a home. The properties have been wildly over priced and the mortgage conditions hide (or at least they did hide) a time bomb. Within a few years I would be homeless with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt hanging around my neck. I don’t have a savings account because between nearly invisible low interest rates and astronomical bank fees I would actually be losing money every day just to maintain an account.

My job isn’t secure because the industry I work in is tied to the fact that other people have to spend more and more money every day to keep the company I work for, afloat. If I loose it I will be giving up minimal benefits for lower pay and less benefits with longer working hours. That is, if I can find a job.

I burned my credit cards a year ago. I am still paying off a transmission rebuild that I had to pay for several years ago on my old car and a rental car I had to have while the transmission was being rebuilt. By time that debt is paid off I will have spent enough money that I actually could have bought an older used car.

I looked at my old bank statements from seven years ago last weekend out of curiosity and it made me sick. I pay four times as much for gasoline, I pay three times as much for groceries and I buy fewer groceries than I did back then and I pay almost three times as much for electricity. My earnings have increased by 32% but my total expenses have increased more than 600%. All the savings that I had are long gone and I am actively looking for a cheaper apartment.

Burn your credit cards. Go to CCCS and pay off the old debts. Grow a vegetable garden or buy the cheapest foods that you can store in your pantry and stock up. Buy a bike and ride it when you can or use public transportation. Car pool with your co-workers. Don’t look at it as skimping by to survive. Take your financial stand against those who hold you down with money by denying them access to it.

The men who control every aspect of our lives do so with money. They hold your job, your access to affordable health care and your right to the pursuit of happiness in their hands via money. Remove their influence by not obsessing over your credit score as though it were your key to heaven. Remove their influence by using your creativity to earn money or goods by exercising your creativity. Use those creative urges by planting a garden or creating objects that can be sold or bartered.

Do not allow yourself to live in misery under their thumbs. Prick that thumb with your sharp mind.


Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has created a new philosophical tenant with his claim that his sons are showing their support for American servicemen by traveling across the nation helping him to get elected. Honestly, this is the most brilliant philosophical stance I have ever heard. I think I will base the foundation of my life on it. For example:

From this day forward I will my support for the poor and under-privileged of America by buying top of the line designer clothing. Looking sharply dressed will inspire them to get themselves together.

I will show support for the Iraq war by setting fire to 10 additional gallons of gasoline a week. I’ll simply burn the gas in a pit.

I will show my support for global warming initiatives by leaving the doors open to my refrigerator. This will cool the planet.

I will show my support for the health insurance industry by quitting smoking. I will switch to chewing tobacco instead.

I will show my support for the 1st amendment by telling anyone with a differing opinion to shut the fuck up. Some folks waste freedoms and don’t deserve what they get.

I will show my support for free trade and the global economy by buying 2 tons of imported Chinese wheat gluten and making dog food out of it. Any problems that occur afterward are just road bumps of capitalism and the only victims in a free market are those without a plan.

Wow. I feel better now that I have a new direction in life. Who knew that justifying selfish stances could be so liberating?

Monday, August 6, 2007

Give me vacation or give me death

The trick of getting what you want, it seems, is to simply threaten Congress that you’ll take away their vacation time and you can get anything you want. Over the weekend sweeping new powers were given to our Dictator in Chief after he threatened to take the T-Bird away and make the politicos stay inside the beltway until he got what he wanted. What did he get? Power that had so far eluded him is now fully in his grasp and what was once illegal is now legal. The President can authorize spying on Americans without a court order simply if the American in question is “reasonably believed” to be communicating with someone outside the United States.

If you demystify the wording, you and I could be defined as “reasonably believed” to be communicating with people outside the US simply because we have Internet access, which makes communication with people around the world instantaneous and secretive in nature. It doesn’t matter if you are or are not communicating with someone in another country, you have the means to do it and that is all they really need to know to place you under surveillance.

The Democrats and the Republicans have sold us out for less than beans. They sold us out for some down time with the family and a chance to hit the fundraising circuit. They sold us out so they can get afternoon catnaps and consolidate power and money at fundraising engagements with fat cat businessmen and greedy bastards who’s souls are corrupted by money and power. The average American is no longer a cog in the wheels of American society; we are only the grease that lubricates the gears of money making.

As John Lydon once said so famously, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”