Friday, September 14, 2007

High Weirdness Drifter

This has been an exhausting week for me and my head feels like my brains were replaced with meatloaf by demented pixies while I was sleeping last night. With all that has been in the news over the past 2 or 3 weeks it’s a wonder that all of us aren’t oozing ketchup from the cranial cavity. Instead of a long rant today, or poking fun at the politicians it’s time for a news roundup of the scary, worrisome and goofy news of the day. I'm so lazy and frazzled that I'm not even going to go through the effort of embedding the links. Ya'll will either click, or you won't. It's not important to make it look all "pretty" today. Cope.

Remember the E-coli fears last year because of tainted spinach? The feds just shrugged their shoulders and haven’t increased inspections of the food we eat.

Our Sociopath in Chief is too busy with vacations to resolve the Iraq mess and has finally just moved everything into a box that will be left in the Oval Office for the next President. The box will be marked as “Some shit you might want to clean up. Love, The Dubster” Of course, this is dependant on whether or not King George let’s go the coat.

Hurricane Humberto continues to give scientists the heebie jeebies as some of their computer models show the storm turning south, re-entering the Gulf of Mexico and taking the shape and form of a masked Mexican wrestler. What next? Will Godzilla stomp around NYC?

Disgraced former football player OJ Simpson is at the center of an incident in Las Vegas. No, there are no dead white women involved. In this instance it’s a bunch of sports memorabilia. Go figure.

A suspicious package was found at Detroit’s Metro airport,, a post office in Sandy Springs Georgia,, and in my swim trunks,

About a million big earthquakes have shook Indonesia over the past few days.

Burj Dubai is now the worlds tallest free-standing structure. Base jumpers are salivating.

McLaren F1 has been tossed from the Constructor’s Championship, been stripped of points and fined a whopping $100 million USD! Three time Champion Jackie Stewart’s comment, “Fookin el!

I believe I am still the only person in the world who sees a resemblance between Jean Todt of Ferrari, , and this Itallian dude, .

The Director of National Intelligence (HA!) Mike McConnell, a.k.a. the US Spy Chief, admits he lied his ass off when he testified before Congress this week.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The state of music chart

Too much doom and gloom today, even for me. I need a pick me up post. Here is my chart showing the current state of popular music.

Does lightning strike twice?

The Sunni tribal leader who is credited by most reliable news sources outside the US as being the true reason behind the decrease in violence in the Anbar region of Iraq, has been killed in an explosion. Sheik Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha was the leader of the Anbar Salvation Council and was able to pull together what was once a loose group of more than 30 Sunni tribes and began making a change in the violence in that region. Two things are striking about this situation and are reason to pay close attention.

For starters there had been inner political turmoil brewing in the group and in June a breakaway group of 12 tribal leaders occurred, with those 12 vowing to destroy the Anbar Salvation Council and Abu Risha. Second, history has shown to us that assassinations like this can precede major events.

On September 9, 2001 Ahmad Shah Massoud, the former Defense Minister of Afghanistan before the rise of the Taliban, was assassinated by an explosion. The theory floated to explain his assassination has been that his death would assist the Taliban in maintaining their control over Afghanistan following what would be the expected US response after the 911 attacks.

Could the Abu Risha assassination be a precursor to another major event which would lead to an increased presence in Iraq or the Middle Eastern region? Abu Risha had formed a strong Sunni coalition that had chased AQI from the Anbar region, his creation of the Anbar Salvation Council was pure grass roots and shocked the US when it occurred, and as a Sunni leader he was in the minority in Iraq where Shiite is the predominant sect. It should also be noted that the religious majority of Iran are also Shiite and if there is war with Iran, Shiite support would almost certainly flow across the border into Iran from Iraq.

With the Conspiracy Theory boards and websites abuzz with tomorrow’s Air Force stand down and concern that something is afoot all the way out to the 18th of September, it is somewhat odd that this assassination occurs in a manner so similar to what occurred two days before the 911 attacks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Conspiracy Theory "Who benefited from 9/11?" chart

Click the image for a full sized .jpg.

Fossett, the B-52 story and the 9/14 Air Force stand down

(Note from the CT Blogger 9/27/2007: for more commentary on this story please follow this link, or click the subject tags at the end of this post.)

Several of the conspiracy theory message boards and websites with original content have been hotly discussing the nexus of missing aviator Steve Fossett, the B-52 nuke incident from last week and the announced stand down by the US Air Force on the 14th of this month. Some of the theories range from the Fossett disappearance is the cover story for a missing nuke from the B-52 incident, to ideas that a false flag event could occur on the 14th with what suspiciously seems like a missing nuke since Air Force reports can't agree on whether 5 or 6 Advanced Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles were aboard the bomber.

This does bring to mind the curious story of professional golfer Payne Stewart, who died in a plane crash in 1999. Many 911 theorists have made note that the planes used in the attacks may have been remotely piloted and Stewart's crash has been pulled into the theory. Their belief is that Stewart's plane was a test run for remote piloting an aircraft for a long distance and under conditions that would have alerted NORAD and the FAA.

Did the B-52 incident result in an Empty Quiver for the Air Force, as has been discussed on the boards? We'll never know, unless a nuke just so happens to go off at an unlikely place at an unlikely time. How would we know something is fishy? We wouldn't as it is known that in a martial law situation the Government will sieze all communications capabilities in the US. The odd and most unexplained issue about the B-52 incident is the source.

We know nothing of the source, I cannot even locate the original story online which began this intreresting event. The general belief is that a whistleblower from within the military got the story out but to whom it was reported to is a mystery to me. It seems this simply showed up on the AP newswire and everyone ran the story. We know that the AP doesn't do investigative journalism and their reporters aren't the sort of visible faces one would expect a whistleblower to seek out.

In some ways I believe the who, what, when, where and why of the act of reporting this story is just as odd as the actual story itself.

9/11 -- Weren't we supposed to be somewhere by now?

We are now six years past the 9/11 attacks. We are still in Afghanistan and the political situation there is deteriorating at a worrisome rate. We are still in Iraq and the political situation there is beyond terrifying. We are on the cusp of an enormous economic meltdown. 32% of Americans approve of Bush’s policies and only 18% approve of the “work” being done by our anemic Congress.

We have been cast adrift by the psychotic and the evil who rule and control this nation. We float down a river of money that is quickly becoming a dry riverbed and the boats that store the money are bulging at the seams. The rest of us are walking in the mud-covered banks. Facts of what has been done, and is being done, in the name of America and all Americans are known to anyone who will take 30 minutes of their life to scour the web for information. Millions are slowly realizing this but millions more ape the slack-jawed intrigue of celebrities and their substance abuse problems as though it were more important.

On September 10th, 2001, stock in General Dynamics sat at $37.99 per share. Today their stock sits at $78.70. Like all members of the Military Industrial Complex, GD has made the proverbial killing off the literal killing. Why end the war when money is there to be made? The easiest way to trick Americans into forking over the cash to military contractors is to parrot the old lines of “support the troops” and “give the troops the best equipment available.” These lines of propaganda address neither the true welfare of the “troops” nor does it address the necessity of maintaining a well armed and well trained armed force. It only makes a great sound bite that gurantees the military contractors get fat and rich off our national treasure.

The CIA is no longer relegated to having one hand tied behind it’s back. It can torture and tarnish our good name as a nation with both hands and a little extra help from the powers that be. Stripping the CIA of many of it’s powers following the Church Committee in the early 70’s was a great first step. Daddy Bush kept the company afloat during the Carter administration and came within a hairs breadth of unleashing it to 60’s level of power when the attempt to assassinate Reagan almost succeded. The CIA may have been raked over the coals in the GAO report on the agency’s handling of the 9/11 attacks but it does not matter to them. They have carte blanche rule again and this time they will not let the power slip through their fingers like they did in the 70’s.

Life in America is worse than it was six years ago. Not because of the attacks, but because of the government that Lords over us like livestock and its actions. Nothing about this country or its path post-9/11 is promising or American. Brussell’s found fascists bred, multiplied and have taken over the asylum. They are our masters and if Mae were alive today she would be telling all of us what to expect in the coming years. We would be reading about what the year 2010 will bring us if her sharp mind were alive to look at our present state.

The America we were taught in school is long gone. Probable cause, civil rights and the Bill of Rights have been thrown away like so much garbage. No longer are we a free society but instead we are a fee society. The fees are the prices we pay to be avoided by the feds and their evil little eyes. The average American is afraid of everything, given no breathing room and pushed into submission every single day. We have no say over who represents us and no means of educating ourselves with facts that can be digested in an easily understood way. We are left to the cryptic legalese of our masters and the withholding of information we need to make informed and just decisions about the world we exist in.

We have no Teddy Roosevelt type politician to untangle the mess of our generation’s own, evil version of William McKinley. All we have are think tanks and special “Democracy Institutes” who’s sole purpose is to drive the public’s perception of what America means into their prefab concoction. These prefab ideals of America, freedom and democracy are guided by ultra-conservative industrialist ideals. They have no bearing or resemblance to the reality of American life.

The Powell Manifesto spreads its demon seed across this nation, like a weed that chokes the life from average Americans and hypnotizes us into believing we are being enslaved by our own freedoms and not big business. The Project for the New American Century gave us the playbook for the new chapter in the story of our downfall and its mad monks still drive this nation to the edge of the cliff while convincing us that the precipice ahead is simply the crest of a hill and there will smooth coasting down the other side. The Christian Coalition is an abomination of the teachings of Christ.

As Hunter S. Thompson once wrote about Richard Nixon, “he appeals to the werewolf in all of us.”; we should say that the new way appeals to the masochist in all of us. We apparently wish to be enslaved otherwise we would use the 14 oz. of soft tissue and chemicals that resides in our collected skulls and stand up to this disaster of life called America. The politicians who run for the upper echelons of office in this nation understand less about us than we do about them. They neither look, talk, dress or think like we do.

A favorite slogan of the rabid overlords and their monkeys is that “September 11th changed everything.” September 11th did change everything; it threw away the cloak of decency and humanity that the powers that be had to wear for so long. No longer restrained by the sake of appearances they run wild and free. We are frozen in thought and logic, paralyzed by the realization of what we allowed to happen. All because we were scared. Scared of what?

For less than pennies on the dollar we are bought and sold by faceless men and corporations on a daily basis. We have no say in the quality and safety of the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the food we consume or the trinkets of childhood that we give to our own beloved children. When we speak up we are shouted down, told we are hindering the progress of business, told that what our eyes see are lies and if that doesn’t work we can now be disappeared by our very own government at the discretion of some bureaucrat with whom the President has delegated this power to. Was it Bob Jones University or Liberty University that shaped this public servant drone’s worldview? Will Jesus forgive their sins?

The vague scent of political assassins are at our door. They have been absent from the national scene since the early 80’s and there are signs they will be returning over the next 14 months. We had the mind control subject named Cho at Virginia Tech, there has been an odd instance of threat to Democratic candidate Barak Obama and now the pop culture is being pre-conditioned with a recent video of Ted Nugent ranting against the liberals with weapons and sexual innuendo. The assassins are being primed and even Arthur Bremmer, the attempted assassin of George Wallace, will be released soon from prison.

Is this what has changed since 9/11; our mental state? We are being prepared for assassinations, more wars, more economic disparity, more sickness and more death. We have been conditioned by the TV, the newspapers, the magazines and in some cases we are being conditioned by websites and Astroturf movements to accept what is coming as inevitable. The glee of William Kristol when he speaks of nuclear armegeddon over Iran is unmistakable. The disconnect of our President when he speaks of matters of American life is sickening. The hate of those who claim to be washed by the blood of Christ is blasphemous. The lies of the falsely pious choke us.

The darkness of 2007 makes the confusion of 1967 seem quaint. The despair of 1937 seems simple when compared to the ponzi schemes and 3 card monte of international finance when your home is part of some convoluted bond/fund structure. As 2007 nears an end, 2008 seems less hopeful. Even the upcoming month of October seems ominous with over $50 billion dollars of ARM homes being prepared to reset rates. Even the shenanigans of Enron and the bogus California energy crisis of the summer of 2001 sounds more like a innocent scheme than a crime when compared to the pillaging that is going on unabated in 2007.

We will reach a snapping point in this country, when that point is met will we have any power to fight back? Will we even have the heart to stand up?

Monday, September 10, 2007

A little more than 2000 days later

In a world that seems to be spiraling out of control it is hard to nail down one solution or one area that could be addressed to stop the full bleed out. The Iraq war will not end and the President is opening small cracks in the door of the plans set out by the powers that be. Socially our nation is getting closer to the full split with everyone at each other’s throats because of race or religion or ethnicity. We have a daily dose of fear and we can’t find the energy to shrug it off and laugh at the people who force feed us with that tactic.

Just looking at the economic situation is enough to make the hair stand on end. Washington Mutual bank has now claimed that the housing market is in a “Near perfect storm” as one financial institution after another sounds warning sirens over the current state of the economy. The worst is yet to come and I am not certain if even the masters of this system are even in control of what will happen. When the brightest economists say they don’t know what will happen, it’s a sign we should hang on.

At this point the only optimism we can afford is the occasional “feel good story” on the evening news but even those are tainted by dark and disturbing circumstances that result in a feel good story. Finding our way through the lies and deceit of our leaders is becoming even more difficult as they no longer attempt to cover their tracks. They even swear up and down that the new bin Laden videotape is who they say he is even though the man seen in the video is obviously not bin Laden. They have pulled this trick on us before with fake OBLs who are right handed as well.

Our boogy man, our haint, our campfire story of men with hooks for hands are the creatures our leaders give to us. A generation ago it was the evil empire of communists. Two generations ago it was the Godless communists and civil rights “instigators”. Three generations ago it was, for Americans, the entire outside world, with Europe festering and Japan stomping across Asia like a machine. We are fed fear from all fronts, all the time and it’s no wonder we react the way we do.

The timing of these scares and events is always convenient for the real and puppet leaders of this country. Between the last week of August and this week, the 6th anniversary of the 911 attacks we have seen the resignation of the worst attorney general in US history. The sex scandal engulfing a senior US Senator, the release of a book that catches our President in full bald faced lies regarding the future of the Iraq war. A new OBL tape has been released and the General who is overseeing the Iraq debacle is in Washington this week to report on the status of Iraq, except he has no report.

You can rest assured that the teat suckling beasts of General Dynamics, Lockheed and every other defense contractor is out in full force too, with their lobbyists, to prod and poke Congress into seeing things their way over the so-called Global War on Terrorism. Same with the numerous private contractors like McNeil Technologies, who are making billions on their “work” in Iraq. There is still wealth and power to grab from the deserts of the Middle East for them to let it go now.

The mechanisms of war and the bottom feeders that grease the gears and supply fuel to the engines of war do not turn off so easily. The open door and blank check were laid out immediately after the 911 attacks. We are told to shut up when we dissent to the atrocities done in our name and we are targeted as un-American when we point out the reality of the situation. Words like love, understanding and compassion become the vulgar and mockable descriptions for supposed left-wing kooks who are just touchy feely freaks. You cannot even say enough is enough without being labeled, red flagged and spied upon.

Americans seem to be slowly waking from their sleep of fear but there is still a long way to go. The beast has grown to a size that is almost unimaginable and the mountain that needs to be climbed to bring this beast under control seems insurmountable. On this day before the 911 attacks, a day that we should be angry, life seems to be going on with less attention to the bigger picture than what we are giving to the smaller things. We fail to focus on the bigger forest because the trees we are looking at in the small corner of the woods are the only ones on fire.