Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fossett, the B-52 story and the 9/14 Air Force stand down

(Note from the CT Blogger 9/27/2007: for more commentary on this story please follow this link, or click the subject tags at the end of this post.)

Several of the conspiracy theory message boards and websites with original content have been hotly discussing the nexus of missing aviator Steve Fossett, the B-52 nuke incident from last week and the announced stand down by the US Air Force on the 14th of this month. Some of the theories range from the Fossett disappearance is the cover story for a missing nuke from the B-52 incident, to ideas that a false flag event could occur on the 14th with what suspiciously seems like a missing nuke since Air Force reports can't agree on whether 5 or 6 Advanced Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles were aboard the bomber.

This does bring to mind the curious story of professional golfer Payne Stewart, who died in a plane crash in 1999. Many 911 theorists have made note that the planes used in the attacks may have been remotely piloted and Stewart's crash has been pulled into the theory. Their belief is that Stewart's plane was a test run for remote piloting an aircraft for a long distance and under conditions that would have alerted NORAD and the FAA.

Did the B-52 incident result in an Empty Quiver for the Air Force, as has been discussed on the boards? We'll never know, unless a nuke just so happens to go off at an unlikely place at an unlikely time. How would we know something is fishy? We wouldn't as it is known that in a martial law situation the Government will sieze all communications capabilities in the US. The odd and most unexplained issue about the B-52 incident is the source.

We know nothing of the source, I cannot even locate the original story online which began this intreresting event. The general belief is that a whistleblower from within the military got the story out but to whom it was reported to is a mystery to me. It seems this simply showed up on the AP newswire and everyone ran the story. We know that the AP doesn't do investigative journalism and their reporters aren't the sort of visible faces one would expect a whistleblower to seek out.

In some ways I believe the who, what, when, where and why of the act of reporting this story is just as odd as the actual story itself.


Jen Clark said...

I've been researching this and I can tell you that there were three military officers that leaked the story. I'm not sure which AFB they are from, but I will be researching this and posting my findings (with links) sometime today.

There are also some other pieces to this puzzle, such how and who authorized access to the nukes and there are military officers that are saying that there is no way this was a mistake.

As you know, most information on this incident is appearing on "conspiracy theory" sites, so I'm going to see what kind of "credible" links I can find.

The CT blogger said...


Many thanks for your post and especially for the additional info! Keep up the research! Finding out the assigned base the leakers are assigned to could be an eye opener in this case.

Finding those credible links is a difficlt task that I know all too well and I hope you'll have a breakthrough.