Friday, September 14, 2007

High Weirdness Drifter

This has been an exhausting week for me and my head feels like my brains were replaced with meatloaf by demented pixies while I was sleeping last night. With all that has been in the news over the past 2 or 3 weeks it’s a wonder that all of us aren’t oozing ketchup from the cranial cavity. Instead of a long rant today, or poking fun at the politicians it’s time for a news roundup of the scary, worrisome and goofy news of the day. I'm so lazy and frazzled that I'm not even going to go through the effort of embedding the links. Ya'll will either click, or you won't. It's not important to make it look all "pretty" today. Cope.

Remember the E-coli fears last year because of tainted spinach? The feds just shrugged their shoulders and haven’t increased inspections of the food we eat.

Our Sociopath in Chief is too busy with vacations to resolve the Iraq mess and has finally just moved everything into a box that will be left in the Oval Office for the next President. The box will be marked as “Some shit you might want to clean up. Love, The Dubster” Of course, this is dependant on whether or not King George let’s go the coat.

Hurricane Humberto continues to give scientists the heebie jeebies as some of their computer models show the storm turning south, re-entering the Gulf of Mexico and taking the shape and form of a masked Mexican wrestler. What next? Will Godzilla stomp around NYC?

Disgraced former football player OJ Simpson is at the center of an incident in Las Vegas. No, there are no dead white women involved. In this instance it’s a bunch of sports memorabilia. Go figure.

A suspicious package was found at Detroit’s Metro airport,, a post office in Sandy Springs Georgia,, and in my swim trunks,

About a million big earthquakes have shook Indonesia over the past few days.

Burj Dubai is now the worlds tallest free-standing structure. Base jumpers are salivating.

McLaren F1 has been tossed from the Constructor’s Championship, been stripped of points and fined a whopping $100 million USD! Three time Champion Jackie Stewart’s comment, “Fookin el!

I believe I am still the only person in the world who sees a resemblance between Jean Todt of Ferrari, , and this Itallian dude, .

The Director of National Intelligence (HA!) Mike McConnell, a.k.a. the US Spy Chief, admits he lied his ass off when he testified before Congress this week.

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