Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chertoff's guts

Two interesting and chilling comments have been made over the past few days regarding possible terrorist attacks. On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told a group of people from the Chicago Tribune that he has a “gut feeling” we are about to enter a new period where terrorist attacks are likely. This past Friday, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum spoke on the Hugh Hewitt Show and said that he understands that “between now and November, a lot of things are going to happen and I believe that by this time next year, the American public’s going to have a very different view of this war.”

These comments can only be classified as one of three things. 1) Typical fear mongering that is par for the course of the current Republican leadership. 2) Signs of a possible false flag op. 3) Incredible insight.

Based on the past performance of both Chertoff and Santorum, I think the word insight does not apply to these two people. Chertoff has bungled the DHS job with the near death of New Orleans, leaky borders and the disclosure this week that a massive hole in senior leadership positions within his department exists, with a quarter of the necessary senior positions unfilled. Santorum, of the “man-on-dog sex” infamy, has been wrong on so many occasions regarding the war in Iraq and life in general that they are too numerous to mention. The short list includes his 2006 comparison of Islamic fascism to Nazism and Japanese Imperialism from World War II and his adamant claim that “hundreds of WMDs” were found in Iraq. These two lackeys have the insight of men who dig tunnels.

Sign of a possible false flag op? Possible, very much within the realm of possibility. A series of warnings given before an event could give those in power the traction they need to implement sweeping changes that would allow them to cover their tracks and put out the fires in their burning castles. With the VP’s approval ratings hovering slightly above single digits at only 13%, the rising acceptance of the American public to impeachment proceedings against the President and VP, scandal upon scandal breaking and an overall sense of anger and frustration building against the Washington elite; a terrorist attack that was “predicted” would be a relief to those in power.

Typical fear mongering? I think this pony used up its single trick a while back. The average American appears to be keyed into the strategy of scaring the living hell out of them and the effect is somewhat lukewarm right now. Even the regular Joe Six Pack on the street has begun to notice that every time something comes to light that makes the powers that be look bad; “something” seems to happen involving terrorism.

The question I have out of these two comments is who in the hell thought it would be a good idea to “tune in” Santorum to something happening? Santorum is little more than a dullard, a cheerleading parrot and a freakish example of the American Dream on acid. I wouldn’t trust his strategic thinking abilities although he is very adapt at the Republican smear job and dirty tricks. But as far as letting him in on secrets, never. So his coaching on this subject probably involves some basic direction and no specific details.

The next few months should be interesting to watch. Something is afoot in DC based on the signs we see and the recent comments regarding “chatter” and now “gut feelings”.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Governor, the charity case

Talk about creative interpretation. The AJC is reporting today that the Ethics in Government Group has filed a complaint with the state ethics committee regarding our Governor’s donation of campaign funds to his personal PAC. The PAC, Perdue PAC, was apparently setup last month as a nonprofit entity and state laws allow a political campaign to donate leftover election funds to nonprofits, other candidates or political parties.

To the tune of over $750,000.00 our Governor is sliding funds around in a nonprofit that was setup to “push his agenda”, according to the AJC. Hmm, the Governor needs ¾ of a million dollars to push his agenda? The weight of the office itself doesn’t give the Governor a leg-up on the competition? He needs a fleet of wheelbarrows full of cold hard cash to get the job done? This is just a flagrant flaunting of power and money in the faces of Georgia citizens.

I believe I can add something to our Governor’s “Sonny do” list, how about knocking off the shit for a change, Sonny?

The return of the DC Madam story

Didn’t ABC News, more specifically ABC reporter Brian Ross, say that there were, “no members of Congress we can find in these phone numbers.” When reporting on the DC Madame case just two short months ago? I guess Brian shouldn’t have made such a broad comment since he, and the rest of us knew he was seeing only a small portion of those phone records because lo and behold we have a Senator who is now caught up in the story.

I’ve said before that the only problem I have with these people using the services of prostitutes is the fact that it opens them up to blackmail. I could care less if they like kinky sex or the kind of sex they may not be able to get at home. Their choices are theirs to make and that’s between them and their spouse. But, as a Senator or any other high ranking public official, if you choose the services of a prostitute you are ripe for being blackmailed.

So, why did Ross go to such lengths to defuse the story and make a dismissive remark on a story he was covering? I think we can all guess the reason why but it is still a very good reminder of how the corporate media operates. ABC or it’s parent company, Disney, rolled the dice that a judge would not allow the rest of Ms. Palfrey’s phone records to be released. They downplayed the importance of the story and for those of us who made note of their light touch are remembering it.

Let’s wait and see who else pops up on the list. Remember that Wayne Madsen was reporting at the time of the 20/20 whitewash that VP Cheney was also among the patrons of Palfrey’s operation. For further posts on this subject, click here.