Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The return of the DC Madam story

Didn’t ABC News, more specifically ABC reporter Brian Ross, say that there were, “no members of Congress we can find in these phone numbers.” When reporting on the DC Madame case just two short months ago? I guess Brian shouldn’t have made such a broad comment since he, and the rest of us knew he was seeing only a small portion of those phone records because lo and behold we have a Senator who is now caught up in the story.

I’ve said before that the only problem I have with these people using the services of prostitutes is the fact that it opens them up to blackmail. I could care less if they like kinky sex or the kind of sex they may not be able to get at home. Their choices are theirs to make and that’s between them and their spouse. But, as a Senator or any other high ranking public official, if you choose the services of a prostitute you are ripe for being blackmailed.

So, why did Ross go to such lengths to defuse the story and make a dismissive remark on a story he was covering? I think we can all guess the reason why but it is still a very good reminder of how the corporate media operates. ABC or it’s parent company, Disney, rolled the dice that a judge would not allow the rest of Ms. Palfrey’s phone records to be released. They downplayed the importance of the story and for those of us who made note of their light touch are remembering it.

Let’s wait and see who else pops up on the list. Remember that Wayne Madsen was reporting at the time of the 20/20 whitewash that VP Cheney was also among the patrons of Palfrey’s operation. For further posts on this subject, click here.

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