Friday, July 27, 2007

Granny, the Islamofascist

So typical of the twisted logic of the current crop of leaders and bureaucrats in this nation, we have learned a new factoid in the TSA scare tactic regarding dry runs of terrorists in America’s airports and skyways. The spooky references to devices that they told us were simulations of explosive devices? Nah, one was nothing more than gel based ice packs being transported by a 61 year-old woman flying out of San Diego. I saw this nice Grandmotherly woman on TV last night. A jihadi she ‘aint.

Like the “terrorist cell” in Miami and the “terrorist cell” that was planning to attack Fort Dix, the examples of why we should lose our freedoms to protect ourselves are truly pathetic. That cell in Miami? They didn’t have plans or weapons and seemed to be playing a retarded version of cowboys and Indians. A bunch of burnt stub idiots with the mouth breather quotient of typical nature for this day and age. Spend 10 minutes in Atlanta and you’ll meet at least a half dozen morons of their stature. The Fort Dix group? They “trained” by playing paintball in the woods, stole a map of the base from a local pizza delivery joint and got busted after they asked the tech people at a local Circuit City to transfer their jihad training video onto DVD. What a bunch of bullshit.

Ice packs become statistics for terror threats after they pass through DHS Secretary Chertoff’s bowels, this I am sure of. When Chertoff pinches a loaf, we have the makings of a new intelligence report. When Moe, Larry and Curley (sometimes Shemp) go traipsing into Circuit City with their Jihadi training video and ask Ron or Felisha or whoever is working the electronics aisle, to transfer it to DVD, you have to wonder how a person of such stupidity can survive even out of their teens. It calls into question the theories presented by Darwin.

For all the Grannies out there who may be planning a trip to visit the grand kids, take care that your Blue Star ointment isn’t confused with C4. Don’t let them rough you up and ruin your hairdo when you pass through the metal detector. Get tough with them, don’t suffer fools gladly and if that fails, threaten to go get yourself a hickory switch and wear out their britches if they get pushy. Our freedom, and your new do from the salon, depends on you standing tall and tough, ladies.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

When the MSM realizes a Conspiracy Theory may be true.

An op-ed piece that was published this week by the Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon and deeply discussed on the Crooks and Liars blog has caught my eye. Once again we are seeing the mainstream public opening up to conclusions that the Conspiracy Theory crowd has been talking about for many years. The piece discussed the recent refusal to let Congressman Peter DeFazio see the secret plans by the current administration on what they will do following a terrorist attack.

For most of us, the first inkling we had of secret government plans to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution and round up American citizens came to light when we learned about Rex 84 in the early 1990's. Most of us began to brace and keep a suspicious eye open following 9/11 and the passage of the Patriot Act. The current MO of our leaders have a lot of us jumpy at the thoughts of what is coming next and what is in store for us. The MSM occasionally pops up with a response like the Register-Guard, which should be a major red flag to people who dismiss Conspiracy Theories outright.

Each segment of society has extremists; this community is no different in that regard. There are theories out there so elaborate and extreme that it is difficult to rationalize the loops and twists that make up even the foundations of belief. However, it is obvious that many ideas floated in the past 5 ½ years are showing up as fact. Real ID, the suspension of Habeus Corpus, the criminalization of dissent, the destruction of the 1st Ammendment; all of these things were laughed at 10 years ago as mere paranoid ramblings from the fringe. Now, who is laughing?

I am someone who drifts in and out of the false veil of normalcy in America, the America we were brain washed into believing existed, the America that we were taught in school, the Boy Scouts and in history books. The America that is a mirage and a symbol of hope but doesn’t exist in reality. The real nature of power over the public and over the image of what America actually is, comes banging on the door like storm troopers each time I look at what we have actually become. Reality is sometimes difficult to swallow.

The America we were told existed is like comfort food. It is something to imagine when fear and despair and confusion set in. Like wishing we were young again, waiting for Santa Claus, and the world is good and innocent and right. There never were “Good Old Days” only a blissfully innocent youth for those of us lucky enough to not be shattered by tragic and evil events. Sooner or later the evil presents itself and we are never again the same. We are shattered and left bloody, like ex-virgins on the backseat of a 57’ Chevy with blood drying on our thighs. We never again see things as we thought they were, we are bloodied and we are left knowing that the fantasy and innocence of childhood are long gone.

If the public were confronted with the reality of what we really are and what we have become I think the nation would change. Opening the eyes of those who still believe in the fantasy of a normal America could become the instrument of change. No one in the MSM is willing to weave together the tapestry of reality, a reality that has only a thin glaze preventing it from being seen by all, and open the public at large to a new way of dissecting the day’s events.

We are left to our own devices and left to rely on each other to help us see what is actually occurring. Just because some Conspiracy Theories are outrageous doesn’t mean they are all wrong. The outrageous and seemingly impossible are always possible. Once we all realize that fact we can go about trying to effect real change in the world. The saying from the 90’s of think globally, act locally is possibly the most subversive thought to arise in the last 70 years. Imagine if we were able to effect change on a small scale in our homes and in our communities, how the collected effect would devastate the old guard, the powers that be, the evil men who hold true power in this world.

If an abusive spouse controls a woman the most powerful action she can take is to simply leave him, disappear into the ether and never be seen by him again. If money controls us how can we shed the chains that bind us? Society has been configured to include money and earnings into every aspect of our lives. Escaping it entirely means turning your back on society as a whole. This is a drastic response and is really far beyond what needs to be done. If even 1% of the population were able to reduce their monthly bills by 1% and redirect those funds into something that benefits themselves and their local community, the masters of our economy would notice, immediately. Like the old saying goes, a billion dollars here, a billion dollars there and sooner or later you are talking real money. A billion dollars may not represent 1% income of 1% of the population but a million here and a million there out of more than 400 million Americans and the next thing you know we would have Wall Street scratching their greedy little heads.

Imagine for a moment if you and your neighbors were able to knock that 1% out of your bills every month and reinvest it into something you can all use such as a community garden or the installation of solar power panels, the effect would be immediate. Corporate farms would see a huge decrease in demand for their goods. The energy sector would see a drop in their income and the manufacturers of alternative energy devices would see a rise in their income. Imagine their reaction when they realize that they have slightly less power over the public than they did yesterday.

I’m not talking about creating hippie communes or exhuming socialism. I’m talking about reducing the control over your life that is held by evil, corrupt men and returning it to your hands. Simple modifications in our lives can have far ranging effects. Driving less by combining trips saves gas and reduces the money residing in the coffers of big oil and the government. Using electricity more wisely reduces the money in the coffers of the energy conglomerates and the government. Planting a vegetable garden keeps you and your family and neighbors fed and keeps your money out of the coffers of the corporate food industry and the government. They understand money and the power that comes from controlling how much you spend each month and how much you earn and save from your labor. The slightest chink in their profit margins would go far in reducing their power over us. Even failing to meet expected profits when there is still a profit can be devestating to the men who control our lives through money.

Would this prevent martial law being declared in the event of a terrorist or false flag attack? In our current state it would not. We have allowed ourselves to become so swaddled in the cotton of the world they created that far too many of us would bow down to anything as long as the cable is working and the McDonalds is stocked. Taking nicks and pieces of their control would certainly be beneficial to all of us and it’s not too late to start.

In my mind the most valuable aspect of Conspiracy Theories is that they can be used as cautionary tales in our lives. If your food is being poisoned in the factory, grow your own food or buy from a local farmer. If your freedoms are being threatened, use your mind and talents to determine what aspects of your life that can be truly made free from outside interference. If your future is threatened, plan for a future that avoids or limits how much of your present life is being controled.

A true revolution can be silent and peaceful.

High Weirdness back roads

I've been thinking a bit about some of the subjects and events which seem to stay low on the horizon within the Conspiracy Theory and High Weirdness communities these days. With the current state of events in America we certainly have our plates full and it seems the odd, kooky and more curious stories get shuffled out of the deck. The recent Drones photos and revelations are a prime example, so is the VaTech Black Op.

Listed below are three subjects that fit this description. The Gulf Breeze Six is an example of a story that simply gets overlooked because it predates the Internet and doesn't have the broad range of appeal that the JFK assassination or UFOlogy has. Maitiera seems to only interest the folks who are interested in cults or mind control and those who are interested in Theocratic Conspiracy Theories. The emergence of the Internet and it's effect on our community falls more in line with people who have an interest in the history of our communities or those who have been publishing their ideas for long before the Internet was known of by the average person.
There are many other subjects and stories that can be listed but these three seem to have more prominence in my mind these days. The Gulf Breeze Six have been in my head because of the recent drones photos and the major UFO sightings in England this week. Maitiera has been in my mind because I have been thinking more about the VaTech Black Op. Our history has been in my mind because I'm in a mood to assess where I want to take this blog and looking back is always a part of looking forward.
The Gulf Breeze Six – This was an extremely peculiar case when it played out in the summer of 1990. I had spent several years in the Pensacola area before this occurred and was in fact stationed in Pensacola during the Gulf Breeze sightings. I never had a sighting but there was indeed a “feeling” of strangeness around the area during the sightings time frame. The story itself was odd on far too many levels and I’m afraid that Vance Davis’ publication of Unbroken Promises has only added to the muddy waters of this story, in my eyes.

I’ve thought that this story would actually make a very good film. The story has it all; intrigue, mystery, a manhunt, the supernatural, all of this against the backdrop of the military Intelligence Community. There has been very little interest about these six individuals and I think it would be interesting if someone could get them together for an interview to talk about the history of their adventure and perspective since we are nearing the 20th anniversary of the event.

Maitiera – In early 2006 several local Atlanta television stations began airing Maitiera commercials in the early morning hours, usually around 4:00 AM. I often wondered how many people were first introduced to this figure because of the ads. I especially wondered how many trust fund babies in Atlanta saw the ads after a particularly bad and desperate night of drinking and drugging in the Buckhead nightclub district. In the right set of circumstances, with a head full of coke, a belly full of Grey Goose and a empty yearning in the heart, a young person perched in their lofty condo looking down on Peachtree could see a possible “meaning” to their life by seeing those ads.

Cults and cult leaders in general seem to garner very little attention these days. I do have a feeling that the renewed Pentecostal movement has tempered any desire of the corporate news outlets to expose and discuss the activities of cults. I’m not saying that the Pentecost is a cult but it is obvious that cults use the tactics of organized religion to recruit and keep members.

The emergence of the Internet – Before the web, the typical Conspiracy Theory or High Weirdness enthusiast had to rely on a loose and ethereal world of mail order and print magazines for information, new ideas and guidance. Those were the days of kitchen publishing and printed databases and mailing lists that you could get from sources as varied as Donna Kossy and Ivan Stang. What the web has done to this sub-culture is open it to a completely new audience but it has also removed a certain charm and work ethic that was inherent to the subject. It’s been years since I sent out a SASE and got that rush of excitement many weeks later when I saw my handwriting on the envelope, knowing there were pages of goodies inside.
I have never read or even seen an essay on the effects of the Internet on our community. I think this would be a marvelous subject for one of the better writers to tackle. I think we have some incredible historians in the community and their perspective on how things have changed, become more mainstream and more open for disinfo would be exciting to learn.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doom and Gloom

A few odds and ends this morning to get things rolling.

In testimony before the Senate yesterday afternoon, AG Gonzales either let the cat out of the bag or opened himself up in yet another instance for a perjury charge as he admitted that the now infamous bedside visit with former AG Ashcroft was in regard to a completely different secret spying program than what the Senate was referring to. When Gonzales first addressed this issue of a spy program that needed authorization from Ashcroft during his testimony in May, I opined that the program he was referring to was not FISA and that the program was more sinister and the Senators were missing the nuance of Gonzales’ testimony. The link to that posting can be found here. I have a sneaky suspicion that Gonzales was indeed telling the truth about another spy program, if only the Senate will dig and investigate this further.

As stupid as Gonzales acts and appears to be, never underestimate his powers of deceit. This is a problem that far too many people have fallen for, underestimating the intelligence of the sociopaths who wield power in our government. Yes, their actions and words do seem incredibly moronic at times but they should not be discredited as simpletons. The harder you look, the more you can see grand design in their failures. They are pulling a trick like the Chief in One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest. They aren’t deaf and dumb no matter how convinced you are that its true.

More booga-booga terror scares are hitting the airwaves today with the TSA warning all of us that dry runs of terrorist attacks have been performed since September of last year. This hot on the heels of Chertof’s guts comment and an ever escalating anger and frustration by the American public regarding it’s government is drawing a false flag attack even closer. Conspiracy Theory bloggers and personalities have been posting information about the recent Presidential Directive signed into effect by Bush, which gives the Justice and Treasury Departments unprecedented authority to seize the funds of anyone who threatens the process of the war in Iraq. In other words, simply saying you are against the war can be grounds for the government to seize your bank accounts and freeze your rights to earn income or pay your bills.

Speaking of the Iraq bloodbath, that September date for evaluating the surge isn’t as solid as people thought. Word is coming out that the government wants to wait until December before addressing the success of the surge. Anyone who falls for these false deadlines and milestones needs to come over to my place and play cards with me. The intention is to never leave Iraq. Only with a complete changing of the guard in the highest levels of power will we ever leave Iraq. Threats of sanctions, censures and subpoenas won’t work with this crowd.

Even if the entire administration were replaced they have embedded so many of their version of the sleeper cell into all branches of power in Washington, we will be seeing the after effects of this administration for generations to come, if the playing field were level. Just look at the information that has come out about the rank and file employees at Justice and you will see exactly what they have wrought on this nation. The greedy and evil walk the halls of power.

All in all, it’s just a typical Wednesday in America.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ookie, Ookie, lend me your comb.

The story of Michael Vick is oddly absent from a lot of Atlanta bloggers right now. For sports and animal rights bloggers he’s still a main source of subject material but the folks who blog about daily life in Atlanta are generally ignoring him. Considering this story hits two areas that I have a major interest in (sports and our treatment of animals as a society) I think I finally need to chime in on this.

Let me begin by saying that I have been a constant cheerleader for Vick. I’ve made excuses for his behavior and performance over the years. The Rolex incident was easily brushed aside in my point of view. The “coach killer” comments by Jim Mora Sr. were sour grapes from a protective Father in my eyes. At every step of the way I defended him.

When he couldn’t seem to get the ball down and into the arms of his receivers I always wrote it off to excitement and nerves, he was just overly eager. He was overthrowing the ball not because of a lack of skill; it was all because of basic human nature and his ambition to win. When he had trouble reading a receiver’s route and didn’t throw it to where the receiver would ultimately be, even under heavy coverage, like a quarterback should be able to do even in college, I wrote it off as a failure of the coaching staff in not emphasizing the fundamentals of the game. None of it was ever Vick’s fault in my eyes.

The only problems I had really had with the direction of the team since 2002 was that I didn’t like the way Dan Reeves was treated when he was fired. I really believed that Reeves should have been kept and that Reeves seemed to have a better grasp on how to get wins with Vick than Mora ever did, or will, know. I didn’t like the lack of interest in building a stronger defense, especially in light of the injuries we’ve had in recent years.

In other words, I was a typical hometown fan of my team. I’ve followed this team since before Steve Bartkowski joined in the mid-70’s. I’ve suffered through the June Jones era, Jerry Glanville’s “California State Champions Trophy” and William Andrews blown knee. I’ve loved a place kicker who was a bartender, Jamal Anderson’s massive Earl Campbell-ian thighs and a gang of thugs who thrilled us with the Grits Blitz.

Another side of my life

In 1997 I became an ethical vegetarian. I’m not a stereotypical Birkenstock wearing vegetarian. I am a convert from an entirely different lifestyle than what most vegetarians come from. I’m a former hunter and fisherman. Other than elk and moose I have hunted for, killed and eaten just about any animal you can think of. I was a very skilled and effective hunter. As a fisherman I was the sort of person who could get the limit almost every time. There are pictures of me even as a small boy where I am holding up a stringer of huge bream and crappie.

My conversion from one lifestyle to another happened on a Saturday morning when I was in a tree stand on the edge of a field that I knew a herd of deer would be crossing soon. I saw a sunrise that I had never seen before and a thought entered my mind that had never been thought of by me before. I suddenly realized that nothing should be killed by me that morning and I should not take the life of another one of God's creatures that morning. With a rainbow of color blistering the morning sky, and a field that was literally frosting over from dew to ice in front of my eyes, I crawled down from the tree stand and went into a long process of thought about what happened to me in that tree stand.

Within weeks I went from a hunter to a vegetarian. I first thought that I shouldn’t kill that morning. I then realized my family or I would not go hungry if I stopped hunting and therefore I had no right to kill a living creature for food. I ultimately decided that no living creature should ever die just to provide me with food or clothing. 10 years later I still do not eat meat, wear leather or use products tested on animals. I’m healthy, I look younger than my actual age of 41 and I can kick ass almost as good as I did 10 years ago.

When the story of Vick’s cousin being arrested for drugs and there was suspicion of dog fighting at his house was announced I was ready to once again hook up the Vick love train. But the Humane Society said that they had heard rumors about Vick’s involvement in dog fighting for many years. The Humane Society isn’t a left field organization; they exist only to ensure that animals are properly treated. They have never gone to the extremes that PETA does. PETA, for all the good they do, shoot themselves in the foot and drive away people who may be sympathetic to the cause, in my opinion, with their crude and brash behavior.

My reaction to the indictment, and the level of reactions from other NFL players, is simple. I cannot find it in my spirit to ever watch another professional football game again. Too many players like Portis and Horn have said things that show me where the minds and hearts of the current flock of players is coming from. To them and the Vick defenders all he is guilty of is doing something stupid, getting caught.

This isn’t betting on boxing, or illegal fighting between two people. This is an involvement in forcing living creature to fight when they have no other option. If they won’t fight or they fight poorly, they are executed in a cruel fashion through electrocution or hanging. How we treat the vulnerable and weak, the lesser among us, is the truest reflection of our soul. You don’t have to love animals to understand that treating them this way is wrong, you only need to be a person who understand right and wrong, cruel and loving, human and inhuman, good and evil.

People are throwing out the race card. Race isn’t a part of this. Had it been Keith Brooking I would have been equally disgusted and my reaction would have been no different. People are throwing out the innocent until guilty line. That’s bullshit too. The actual line is “presumed innocent until proven guilty.” And that only applies to a court of law. This is the court of public opinion and there are too many things that make me realize he is as guilty as sin. I don’t have to presume Michael Vick innocent of any goddamn thing.

The man had the world in his hands. He had a fortune in money, which could have been turned from riches into real wealth. He could have become a leader of men and a better man in the process that was inherent in the position he earned as a gifted athlete. He had a city that was willing to stand by his side no matter what happened on the field and very little of his off field antics swayed us against him. He blew it all and he blew it for one thing. He blew it because he received pleasure at watching two of God’s creatures tear each other to shreds in forced fights. He blew it because that pleasure wasn’t enough, when those creatures didn’t please him he killed them by hanging them, electrocuting them and even slamming the body of one to the ground.

Athletes these days are fond of praising their success by claiming it’s all due to the power of Jesus Christ. When they fail they point their finger at the coaches, their teammates, the press and the fans. Hypocrisy is rampant in American society today. The hypocrisy of the modern athlete and the world they operate in is just as sordid as what we see in Washington. I can no longer provide voluntary support for an activity that works in this way. The NFL is in trouble and Commissioner Goodell needs to prepare himself for more Michael Vicks and more Pacman Jones. He has inherited a snake’s den.

Trying to get that groove back

Does Bootsy Collins ever have to work on his groove?

The last two months have been pretty active for me. Work has been much more demanding of my time and my personal life has been more active than normal. Writing for the blog requires taking some time to sit and think and thinking about subjects that aren’t necessarily typical in the day to day living of life. Think about how often the subject of the Illuminati comes up when you are out at dinner or on a conference call. Not often, is it? Now that I am getting the personal and professional demands more in order I’m able to make the time to write. The problem is I need to spark myself.

I think you can look through the various posts in the blog and find the days where I had interruptions as I was writing. The flow seems curbed, something is grammaticly confusing or conflicting, or I seemed to make very little sense. I can often spot those problems when I go back and review old posts and I can remember what broke my concentration. In many ways I believe this is a blessing of the medium and not a drawback. It allows for an informal arena where the point you are trying to make is more important than the delivery. It also allows a person to work on their style and their narrative flow, which I struggle with. In short, it offers benefit for the writer as much as the reader.

Just getting in the habit of writing can be tough when something pulls you away from it. I have kept a personal journal for years and the gaps in my writing are huge. I know other people have the same problem and it seems that only a certain amount of obsessive compulsive behavior can save a journal writer. You have to crave and need the act of writing to keep a solid journal. As there has been a gap in the blog I have had a gap in my journal of late.

I want to get back to writing the longer essay-ish pieces for the blog but I need to get back into a groove. The daily political events are a good source for having something to write about but I don’t think those stories are entirely helpful as they happen in spurts and their subjects can be far ranging. I think it takes away from the overall tone and depth of the pure conspiracy theory stories.

In the interim I think the best thing I can do is write a week or two worth of posts about my personal thoughts and experiences with conspiracy theory and High Weirdness, interspersed with some political and conspiracy theory minded mini-posts. Maintaining this blog is something I really want and need to do, for my own personal reasons. It provides me a chance to work on my style and narrative abilities. I work as an IT professional and I have always struggled with putting abstract ideas into a form that others can understand and the act of writing this blog has helped me immensely in that area.

Please bear with me for the next week or two. The posts may be a bit different in tone from what has come before but I’m working on a groove.