Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trying to get that groove back

Does Bootsy Collins ever have to work on his groove?

The last two months have been pretty active for me. Work has been much more demanding of my time and my personal life has been more active than normal. Writing for the blog requires taking some time to sit and think and thinking about subjects that aren’t necessarily typical in the day to day living of life. Think about how often the subject of the Illuminati comes up when you are out at dinner or on a conference call. Not often, is it? Now that I am getting the personal and professional demands more in order I’m able to make the time to write. The problem is I need to spark myself.

I think you can look through the various posts in the blog and find the days where I had interruptions as I was writing. The flow seems curbed, something is grammaticly confusing or conflicting, or I seemed to make very little sense. I can often spot those problems when I go back and review old posts and I can remember what broke my concentration. In many ways I believe this is a blessing of the medium and not a drawback. It allows for an informal arena where the point you are trying to make is more important than the delivery. It also allows a person to work on their style and their narrative flow, which I struggle with. In short, it offers benefit for the writer as much as the reader.

Just getting in the habit of writing can be tough when something pulls you away from it. I have kept a personal journal for years and the gaps in my writing are huge. I know other people have the same problem and it seems that only a certain amount of obsessive compulsive behavior can save a journal writer. You have to crave and need the act of writing to keep a solid journal. As there has been a gap in the blog I have had a gap in my journal of late.

I want to get back to writing the longer essay-ish pieces for the blog but I need to get back into a groove. The daily political events are a good source for having something to write about but I don’t think those stories are entirely helpful as they happen in spurts and their subjects can be far ranging. I think it takes away from the overall tone and depth of the pure conspiracy theory stories.

In the interim I think the best thing I can do is write a week or two worth of posts about my personal thoughts and experiences with conspiracy theory and High Weirdness, interspersed with some political and conspiracy theory minded mini-posts. Maintaining this blog is something I really want and need to do, for my own personal reasons. It provides me a chance to work on my style and narrative abilities. I work as an IT professional and I have always struggled with putting abstract ideas into a form that others can understand and the act of writing this blog has helped me immensely in that area.

Please bear with me for the next week or two. The posts may be a bit different in tone from what has come before but I’m working on a groove.

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Anonymous said...

Need to get your writing groove back? There's a web site that isn't on your links yet, but you may like it anyways because it's trying to touch base with all of the major conspiracies. It's called the High Weirdness Project, and it's a wiki (like Wikipedia) that's busy doing reviews and commentary on many, many web sites out there -- especially the far out ones that delve into conspiracy theories. What makes this site better than Wikipedia is that it's biased and it wants its users to be biased in their reviews...none of this "neutral point of view" stuff.


In fact, that's how I came across your blog, by doing a scan of the blogs for "high weirdness."