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News - Was Cho Seung-Hui a member of the Unification Church (Moonie)?

(Update by the CT Blogger: For more details on the VATech shooter's religious connections, click here.

For details on the VaTech shooter's connections to US Intelligence Agencies, click here.)

(update by The CT Blogger - 5/7/2007 - New update on the shooter's background in the Evangelical movement can be found here)

While downloading and categorizing some new mainstream media reports on the VATech shooter I came across some curious tidbits of information about his family that is raising red flags with me. I have no media reports on this theory to date but there are some strong indications that I believe may lead to a connection with the Unification Church and the shooter. I think there is enough circumstantial evidence of this to at least get this idea out on the web right now.

Cho's parents were wed under an arranged marriage. This is a common practice with the Unification Church. The church was founded in Korea. The DC area is a particular place of interest for the church due to it's political connections with the church's leader. Mind control has also been a tactic used by the church. The Unification Church has a direct connection to Bush 41, ex-CIA chief and ultra-deep insider of the US Intelligence Community (IC). The connections between the Unification Church and the CIA are too numerous to mention.

I'm going to keep looking at this facet and see what comes up. Has anyone looked at the Washington Times' coverage of the shooting? I wish I had made the Korean connection much sooner so that I could have archived that paper's reaction for future study. Why didn't we consider this earlier? Is Cho's sister, Sun, named after the church's leader and founder?


Anonymous said...

Arranged marriage has been and still is a common practice in Korea and some other asian countries like Japan. It is not something that is done only through the U.C.
Korean names usually have two syllables. Sun Kyung, the name of Seung Hui's brother, is a common name for a Korean girl, and there is no rational reason to think that it is in anyway connected to the word Sun in the name of the U.C leader, Moon Sun Myoung.

Bridget said...

Glad someone else is questioning this. What caught my eye before I even heard about the arranged marriage was the similarity of some of Cho's rants to the ideas expressed in Moon's statements:

babalabo said...

David Kim, the Reverend Who Has Three Faces

I'm running after the Virginia Tech Massacre with an assumption that it might be a part of some clandestine operation. Now I'm sure that I'm approaching the truth. It is well known that the sister of Cho Seung Hui the killer was a member of Manna Christian Fellowship in her Princeton University days, and her mentor Rev. David Kim is working for the public relations of the incident to advocate on the behalf of the perpetrator's family [1]. The reverend is affirmatively a Korean but who he is? Here are some facts.

(1)David S. C. Kim: According to wiki [2], David S. C. Kim was the first president of UTS (the Unification Theological Seminary), which serves the Unification Church through graduate education in theology and related subjects, as well as by sponsoring ecumenical conferences. His term of office was 1975-1994. According to an inner article [3], in 1979 he was appointed to the head of "elders" of the first Summer Seminar on Unification Theology but afterwards replaced with Rev. C. H. Kwak by Moon.

(2)David Kwangshin Kim: According to wiki [4], David Kwangshin Kim was born in South Korea, graduated from Seoul National University, and became a businessman in US. He allegedly met Jesus Christ at the age of 42, abandoned his business and entered Talbot School of Theology. He founded the Grace Korean Church in 1982 with three families. It spread their missions through Grace Ministries International, and now churches have been planted all over the world, as 2,000 in Russia, 600 in Africa, 3,000 in China, 1,000 in Vietnam and many more in South America. As to Korea missions came in rather late as 2004, when Seoul Grace Church was established. Grace Korean Church is known by its aggressive mission and the systematic brainwash program called Basket Operation. Seoul Grace Church's policy does not require any membership of the church to the students, and all of the students are encouraged to work as members of other churches.

(3)David H. Kim: According to a report in Princeton University's daily newspaper, the Daily Princetonian [1], David H. Kim is the director of Manna Christian Fellowship at Princeton University. The society began over 10 years ago, and has historically heavily Asian-American membership. Its members also get together for ad hoc socializing, including movies, bowling, ice-skating and eating [5]. The fellowship was founded by Rev. Wellington Boone, who has since formed The Wellington Boone Ministries and has been deeply involved in the radical right-wing evangelical movement. Boone is also a member of the Promise Keepers movement, which promotes the total submission of women to their husband. [6][7]

Here we have three religious facilities, CTS (Unification Theological Seminary), GKC (Grace Korean Church) and Manna (Manna Christian Fellowship at Princeton University), which share the same name "Rev. David Kim" for their directors. By coincidence? Uncertain. Now Let's examine the time-line of the activities of these reverends. Apparently the Manna activity at Princeton University begins shortly after the end of the term at UTS. It is not unreasonable to suppose that Kim's presidency of UTS became nominal to some extent since 1979 when he dropped from the elders head. If this hypothesis is true, then all the three activities line in a raw.


Through '70 and '80 Unification Church awfully pervaded in Japan, and left behind 6500 missing persons allegedly abducted by the cult. The estimated total damage is over 1 trillion yen ($8.4 billion). In the period an enormous amount of money was smuggled out of Japan to US. Moon and his followers penetrated the US society poring the money generously into their ecumenical movement like UTS, religious right wings like Promise Keepers [6], and even Afro-American religious leaders like Wellington Boone. The total money spent in these arena is estimated over $3 billion. In the middle of '80, Moon was imprisoned in US for tax evasion. The period of the expansion of Grace Korean Church is exactly over wrapping. As mentioned above the income of the GKC is not from the inside membership dues. Then where did such power money come from to extend its branches all over the world. The presumable answer is just one, i.e. came from Moon.

Unification Theological Seminary is boldly an affiliate of Unification Church. Manna Christian Fellowship links to Promise Keepers, an ultra-right militant organization via the Afro-American mentor Wellington Boone backed up by Moon. [6] Grace Korean Church ostensibly seems to be a genuine Christian church but in a considerable certainty it is a disguised front of Unification Church expanded through the brainwash tactics and power of money inherited from Unification Church. In the view of development flow, it seems like shifting toward more moderate form as CTS (front of Unification Church) --> GKC (kind of Christian church) --> Manna (Christian social activity) but the nature is unaltered as the link between Manna and Promise Keepers.

At present I have no foundation to identify those three persons one and the same, but isn't it natural to appreciate that a single man named "David Kim" has relocated in each time using an alias along with the flow of the time? Yes, a suit of photos is enough. However as they say that even the president had the plastic surgery in the country [8], the facial appearance of the man might have been altered together with his aliases.

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babalabo said...

Memorandom on Virginia Tech Massacre No.4: Is Rev. Moon sending nukes next?

Below is the excerpt (slightly modified) from a dialogue with ellroon, the administrator of Rants From The Rookery. I posted my previous entry in a whole to his blog. He kindly read it and put some questions to me.

> babalabo, that is truly creepy and awful, but what is your point?

Falling into a depth of fantasy/illusion is not what I want, but what they (War Beneficiaries) conspired against us. That is, to promote mutual distrust and bring chaos in a region is their accustomed tactics. Currently we have two origins of all-out war, Palestine (broadly Middle East) and Korean Peninsula. As you may notice both are prepared/embedded for the next and presumably final world war just after the WWII. Europe had held their own flash point, but extincted by themselves, i.e., Berlin Wall and established EU. I don't know if the WWIII is inevitable, but I think that it is our responsible to prevent the war from coming into Far East.

North Korea carried out a nuclear test October in the last year and now 6 Party-Talks is going on. We fear that North Korea would be perceived as a nuclear power like Pakistan or Israel in the international community, and the situation is effectively proceeding towards the direction. This simply results revision of our Peace-Constitution and nuclearisation, while I think that North Korea and US war-mongers are actually collaborating for this purpose. This is my point. Incidentally Unification Church holds Armageddon vision in their minds, as well as Christian fundamentalists.

> That the Virginia Tech gunman was a Moonie?

I don't know. It may be or may not. But it is very probable that Cho had been mind-controlled even in rather early time. It is told that he was abnormally wordless, that might be a symptom of a failure of mind-control. It is well documented that Unification Church was a front of KCIA, which CIA fostered. Moon strongly ties with Kim John Ill (as well as with Bush) mentally and financially. Of course these organizations provide expertize of brainwashing and mind-control. At the least Cho must have been financed by someone for his spending, purchase of weapons, renting a car over a month, hotel fees, etc etc, in a few months before the event as it seems that his immigrant poor family did not afford that.

> If he was a Moonie and Rev. Moon thought it was a good idea for one of his followers to go on a rampage, the next question is why?

As above. Do you remember Tokyo Subway Sarin Gas Attack by Aum Supreme Truth? On the morning of 20th March 1995, the cult released sarin in a co-ordinated attack on five crowded trains during rush hours in the Tokyo subway system, killing 12 commuters, seriously harming 54 and affecting 980 more. It is verified that the cult had a tie with Unification Church and traded with North Korea. Aum shared the Armageddon vision with Unification Church. I don't claim that Cho was a Moonie, maybe he was just a victim. In Cho's case personal motivation cannot be neglected, but it's just a preface. You may know that the sister of Cho is an employee of an US intelligence agency, McNeil Technologies, that is too serious to miss.

> To cause the collapse of American society and bring the second coming as Moon has indicated he desires?

I'm not Moon, so I cannot answer you what exactly his desire is, but I suppose that he is behaving himself as an Anti-Christ described in Bible consciously or unconsciously. By the way the church formally declared that Moon is the prophesied Messiah in 1992. The coronation of Rev. Sun Myung Moon as Emperor-Messsiah took place at Dirksen Senate Building in Washington, D.C. on March 23, 2004. Can you imagine how much money have poured into your politicians?

> Didn't happen. It will take a lot more than one lone gunman to destroy this culture.

Yes, of course. They are doing much by spending your money (US tax).

> We get one of these massacres every few years or so, stagger about for a bit, and then continue on.

Someone said that 33 in US is a massacre, but 100 in Iraq is a statistic.

> Is Rev. Moon sending nukes next?

On 17th April, the very next day of the VT massacre, Nagasaki Mayer was shot and dead by a member of a criminal syndicate in our country. Our security authority is investigating the background of the incident. Some findings are demonstrated but no direct evidence of involvement of Unification Church so far. It is suggested that the criminal may be a Korean. As you know Nagasaki is our holy place commemorating the disaster of the atomic bomb, i.e., a place for aspiring lasting peace. I cannot help reading a very malicious message here.

babalabo said...

Memorandom on Virginia Tech Massacre No.5: Promise Keepers is backed by Moon

This is my answer to the comment of Mr. Yo at It might be that the blog is censored as my post is seemingly rejected by moderator? You can read my original posts here, Memo on VT Massacre No.3: David Kim, the Reverend Who Has Three Faces and Memo on VT Massacre No.4: Is Rev. Moon sending nukes next? Note:My post appeared a little while later at the blog. No censorship. Thanks.

Yo Says:
May 2nd, 2007 at 10:47 pm
exod-us, So far, there is no Moonie connection to be made. Where is it documented that Wellington Boone (Promise Keepers) is backed by the Moon organization/Unification Church?

In a big picture Moon is just a clown crowned with a disgraceful cap [1], even though Boone might be much smaller figure than the reverend. I know neither if he was given a check of Moon, nor in the first place he had met the self-proclaimed Messiah as it was said "Silence is what Moon is buying" [2]. But surely Boone was in the circle [3], i.e., within the Animal Farm.

It is a well-known fact that Bishop Wellington Boone is a steering committee for the Coalition on Revival (COR), an organization founded in 1984 by Jay Grimstead. The Coalition is a network of evangelical leaders from every major denominational and theological perspective who share a vision for and a commitment to worldwide revival, renewal, and reformation in Church and society [4]. COR's basic mission is to encourage and help the universal Church of Jesus Christ to obey God's Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission. COR's founding director Dr. Jay Grimstead also helped found the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy [5].

According to a survey report [6] by RIGHT WING WATCH, number of Promise Keepers leaders have ties to extreme Reconstruction and Dominionist movements including the controversial Coalition on Revival.

To glimpse into the deep-roots of Unification Church over the US evangerical movements, I'd like to scoop merely a handful of sand by quoting from the article [7, 2002]. In this article the author Eric Jewell, an investigative reporter, has affirmatively described "Coalition on Revival" as a Moon sponsored organization.

Tim LaHaye
Co-author of the Left Behind book series, which depicts a person as being saved even after receiving the mark of the beast. Thinking this to be a fluke, in a conversation with his co-author Jerry Jenkins at the official left behind website in their message board section, we were told their position is that it will be ok to receive the mark of the beast as long as the recipient of the mark is not a worshiper of the beast.

These men are influencing millions, and now no doubt countless thousands are embracing this doctrine as scripturally sound. Are they preparing the church to receive the mark of the beast? It would certainly seem so. I have asked Tim LaHaye several questions recently concerning his relationship with the Rev. Moon and the intelligence community. At first he denied sitting on any board with men associated with the Rev Moon, but when faced with evidence showing this to be untrue he now remains silent.

LaHaye is a central figure in marrying evangelical churches with the Rev. Moon and the intelligence community.

He was a principal in the American Freedom coalition, which was a Moon sponsored group, and claimed by Moon as an arm of his network. He was also associated with the Coalition on Revival, and the Heritage foundation, both of which were also Moon sponsored. After this association was made public, he resigned from the AFC, (though his name was not removed when he resigned), and tried to distance himself from Moon in the public eye.

He was also a principal in the Coalition of Religious Freedom, where he spoke out for Moon during Moon's incarceration for tax fraud, asking hundreds of evangelicals to go to prison to support Moon if allowed by authorities. He was also on the original board of directors of Falwell's Moral Majority, which was also tied through its members to the intelligence community, and Ren Moon's Unification Church.

LaHaye also founded the American Coalition of Traditional Values, which was touted as a Christian organization, but was extra-ripe with Moon organization board members, and the intelligence community. He then went on to found what was his hallmark organization, The Council for National Policy. This was an infamous moment for LaHaye as the most powerful intelligence and National Security community members were melded with the church, and it was literally filled with evangelical leaders who sit in organizations sponsored and founded by Moon.

This Council went on for the next 2 decades to both work affecting national policy as well as movements within the protestant denominations, affecting nearly every evangelical church directly or indirectly. This coalition has even been involved with Oliver North, who was a member of CNP, and his CIA sponsored Central American mission of covertly toppling governments and then restructuring them [8].

LaHaye has also been with the Council of 56 Religious Roundtable, which is another cover organization grouping together Moon's representatives and the U.S. intelligence community. LaHaye is, at my last finding, also a member of the National Religious Broadcasters which is filled with evangelical leaders tied in with Moon and U.S intelligence.

[1] Conguring of the Beast (GROUNDZERO, Clyde Lewis)
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[8] Joel Bleifuss, "Heritage Foundation Tries to Clear Name" In These Times, Apr 26, 1989.

The CT blogger said...

Babalabo, you've posted excellent comments with loads of information. A big thanks to you for finding the blog that made the actual connection to the Unification Church. That info really helped me in my research for this blog.

As for others questioning the relationship between the extreme right-wing evangelical groups, you are dead on correct to note their various associations, committees and groups. They have been well organized for quite some time and these organizations are very troubling indeed.

Keep up the work, Babalabo. I'm certainly enjoying reading your comments and appreciate your work and postings.

The CT Blogger

Anonymous said...

I'm handing out "Fuck You"s to the Nazi scum behind this conspiracy. It's free. -Eastfist

babalabo said...

CT blogger, the feeling is mine.
My starting point is here, your blog. I learned much from you, and just tried/applied your method/theory, namely Crossover Conspiracy Theory (CCT). It is amazing that you uploaded the article in the early morning the very day of VT shootings. My gratitude to you.

Commentary - A system of structure and definitions for Conspiracy Theory - Part 2

babalabo said...

Eastfist: you are right when you say "the Nazi scum behind this conspiracy" as it is known that Unification Church has strong bases in Central and South America and has been collaborating with Nazi remnants for decades, e.g. cocaine smuggling. In Japan the church was backed by the past A-class war-criminals of WWII, like Nobusuke Kishi, Yoshio Kodama and Ryoichi Sasakawa, who have had control over whole criminal syndicates, Yakuza.

BTW does it mean "Federal Investigative Strike Team" or "Fugitive Investigative Strike Team"?