Thursday, April 19, 2007

More random thoughts

For the next few days, probably weeks, I’m going to keep my posts on the VaTech massacre to a few numbered items, such as what I am doing with this posting. After yesterday’s data dump of information to NBC News I feel more than a little overwhelmed from the added info and I want to digest it. What I am considering is blogging this story less frequently but with greater depth, such as the multi-part commentaries I have been posting for the last few weeks. A half dozen unfocused posts a day aren’t going to add to the understanding of this event.

I’ve been somewhat ambivalent about classifying this as a Black Op mind control event but that ambivalence is now gone. Between Cho’s syncopated, rhythmic delivery in the videos, the speed and direction of the Ismael Ax fallout and the media’s complete lack of interest in the efficiency and skill shown in the classroom shootings, I am convinced that this isn’t just a case of a disturbed young man. Not to mention the fact that the Attorney General is testifying before the Senate today in the US Attorney firings scandal and the media is all but ignoring this massively important story.

The attention that this has taken away from the larger, more important scandals emerging is staggering. The gun control rhetoric is heating up and the politicization of this tragedy began within hours, before the bodies were even cold. The direction of the discussion of the keyword “Ismael Ax” is reinforcing anti-Islamic emotions. And all because a 23 year old creative writing major went on a kill crazy rampage in a manner than would make a veteran SpecOp soldier stand and take notice.

Some thoughts this morning:

1) The shooter’s sister is an Ivy League graduate who works as a, “contractor to the State Department in the rebuilding of Iraq.” The shooter’s listed home is within walking distance of the headquarters of both the NRA and the NRO.

2) Would the shooter have really had time to escape one crime scene, get back to his dorm room and continue editing the NBC News documents and create more content, burn the DVD or CD and finish gathering his documents and then high tail it to the post office 1.5 hours after the dorm room shooting?

3) Why was there no panic at the dormitory after he shot and killed two people?

4) Why would a respected University keep a trouble-making, troubled and mentally imbalanced student on its campus after years of documented anti-social incidents? A quick glance at his writings that have been posted to the web clearly show that his “work” was juvenile at best. He couldn’t have been contributing anything to “The Academy” by being allowed to stay, and yet he was a senior, apparently close to getting his BFA in Creative Writing.

5) A full day before the Ishmael Ax information was discussed by the mainstream media, this information was circulated and being discussed in Conspiracy Theory forums.

Another day, more questions.

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