Friday, April 20, 2007

Another round of random thoughts

I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be able to do in the upcoming days. I started coming down with the latest round of the crud yesterday afternoon and I'm battling through that. If I post anything totally off the wall I can always blame it on the Robitussin.

The media backlash over NBC releasing some of the materials began yesterday. NBC and it's sister station MSNBC spent quite a bit of time saying "I'm sorry" after what they said was public outrage over the videos that were aired. Isn't it curious that these self censored news materials caused an outrage after the Virginia State Police contradicted the President of NBC news when he said at a press conference that he wished NBC hadn't aired the videos?

Considering the tight reign that is still being held on Columbine materials it is interesting that these items were released in the public arena. The quantity and quality of the material and the speed in which it was released is certainly reminiscent of the Oswald biography that was assembled in the hours after his capture.

Why was NBC News chosen by the shooter? I thought about this a great deal yesterday, maybe more than I should have, but I think the media outlet chosen provides better insight into the event as a whole. I need to sit down and get all of my thoughts collected on this and I will address this in a long post at a later date.

I'm going to post a link (or more) to a side story that developed yesterday which is tangentially related to the VaTech story. It's been learned that the government has a database which contains the names of people taking anti-depressants. While the existence of a database like this isn't surprising, to have a confirmation that a database exists which contains records of the prescriptions taken by Americans is somewhat groundbreaking. I can only assmue that the database is a component of John Poindetexter's Total Information Awareness program.

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