Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Commentary - Black Op at VaTech?

Conspiracy theory forums are focusing on whether or not the VaTech massacre is a black-op event, meaning the shooter was the subject of a mind control program. I think it’s too early to tell whether or not this is the case but it is a valid point of discussion right now. The main reason I blogged the breaking events yesterday was to have a record of what was being reported and how it was being reported as the events unfolded.

There are a few identifying methods to determine if this is a block op. Some of these methods will not come into play until we learn more about the shooters background and we see how investigators and the mainstream media describe his biography and actions. At this moment, 24 hours after the massacre began; here are the things that appear to have potential black op connections:


1) The shooter’s whereabouts between the dorm room killing and the classroom killings are unknown. There is a 2-hour gap between both events.

Unexplained time gaps are common in many of the major assassination CTs. Oswald’s actions between Dealy Plaza and the Texas Theater. Mark David Chapman’s actions between seeing Lennon on the morning of the assassination and the actual shooting that night. What did the VaTech shooter do in the two hours between his killings?

2) The shooter appears to have been highly efficient and effective in his attack.

He killed 29 in the classroom, with two weapons and we hear reports from one of the hospitals that an administering Dr. said the shooter put at least 3 bullets in each victim. With a 9 MM and .22 caliber at his disposal he would have had many clips with him and was cool under stress to shoot, reload and regain the shooter position in the midst of chaos.

3) The shooter appeared calm, methodical and quiet as he was killing the students.

This is a sign of either advanced training or that he was in a trance like state.

4) Early confusion in the reporting of the event regarding certain key details and “keystone Groupthink words” were used during the earliest stages of the incident.

Live reporting of breaking news as it is happening is a tricky business. The news agencies commonly provide information that is later learned to be false, but it always seems to be the national media that does this and never the local news. Compare how the national media provides incorrect info in their live reporting when compared with your local TV news media when they go live with breaking news such as weather or disaster reporting.

The “keystone Groupthink words” that emerged in the breaking news reports were, “Lone gunman”, the gun types were being reported more than an hour and a half before a description of the shooter was released, which is illogical when you consider the fact that no one knew if it really was a lone gunman, a terrorist attack or if there were other suspects.

What should we watch for now?

There are certain key pieces of info that we should be watching for as the details of the shooter’s life are reported:

1) What is the social and professional standing of the shooter’s family?

If the family has connections to the Military-Industrial Complex, intelligence agencies or any of the “Alphabet” agencies, or if his family has ties to extremist organizations. These connections are red flags.

2) Did the shooter’s family have money?

This will be very important as the shooter’s travels in the days, weeks and months before the tragedy are examined. Unless they are from a wealthy family a poor college student cannot afford expensive and frequent travel.

3) What details of his behavior and personality will arise?

John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman both had major interests in the book “Catcher in the Rye” as well as pop cultural subjects.

One other aspect that we should pay attention to is the pro and anti gun rhetoric. This has already raised its head and both sides have jumped into the fray with both feet. A quick survey of political and conspiracy minded forums showed postings from well-known dogma “Champions” of both extreme right wing and extreme left wing positions, posting messages which wound up being virtual word for word copies of the respective pro and anti gun movements. Both sides of the gun lobby already have their propagandists out in force and all Americans will once again be placed into the “pick a side” mode of discourse.

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