Thursday, April 19, 2007

News - A quick roundup

Here are some of the news stories that are being overshadowed today by the VaTech massacre:

AG Gonzales testimony. You can stream the C-SPAN coverage from this URL:

The missing White House emails (and Rove's violation of the Presidential Records Act) is still a serious story. The Washington Post has the latest developments here:

More than 200 dead in Iraq over the last 24 hours following a car bomb spree. 198 were killed yesterday, SecDef is on the ground in Iraq and 3 more US soldiers were killed yesterday:

Wolfowitz's scandal at the World Bank deepens as a senior deputy tells him to resign:,,2060755,00.html

The US Supreme Court opens the door for a serious Roe v. Wade challenge (guess those SCOTUS hearings shouldn't have been pooh-pooh'd by the media and the Democrats, but hey, we all told you so):

and to lighten the doom and gloom for a moment, Lawrence Fishburne signed to provide the voice of the Silver Surfer:

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