Tuesday, May 1, 2007

News - Melamine contamination hits the food chain, 3 million strong

This whole melamine story just keeps getting worse the longer it drags out. 3 million chickens that were fed melamine tained feed have already been introduced to the food supply and consumed:


In a conference call with media this afternoon, USDA Assistant Administrator
Kenneth Petersen revealed that as many as 3 million chickens, contaminated with melamine from a single Indiana feed mill, have already been slaughtered, distributed and eaten. An additional 100,000 breeder chickens are currently being voluntarily quarantined by farmers.These 3.1 million chickens represent only those that fed on a single batch of feed made from melamine-tainted pet food “salvaged” in February. Petersen told reporters that the “investigation will lead to additional farms.”

So, how many of you have eaten chicken over the past month? Will someone please remind me as to why we pay the salaries of the USDA and FDA managers who are tasked with maintaining our food safety?

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