Friday, May 4, 2007

Commentary - Who truly controls America?

Who truly holds the reigns of power in this country? This question weaves its way through the Conspiracy Theory community regardless of the theory being researched. Power, the gaining of and maintenance of said power, is the root thread in all conspiracy theories. Many researchers and enthusiasts point to the Illuminati and it’s connected components such as the Bilderberg Group, Freemasonry and other secret societies, and the Council on Foreign Relations. Just who is in power is worthy of debate and research, who is not in power is obvious. We, meaning you and I, have absolutely no power at any level in this country.

We are the bottom feeders in the food chain. When the average person thinks along the lines of class and finances we tend to think the rich are in power, and those with some riches seem to think so too. Both of those groups are sadly mistaken. True wealth, wealth that brings power to bear along with vast amounts of money is where the power lies. Several million dollars, an expensive infill home and putting the kids in private school puts you in the bottom feeder class with day laborers if you can’t bring true power to the equation. The only advantage that being rich provides is a little less discomfort in the day-to-day existence of life.

What is the source of true or pure power in America right at this moment? True or pure power comes in several forms but in the world of conspiracy theory there are only three areas where this power can be found. Controlling politics, finances and religion. All three intertwine in some theories but for the sake of this posting I’m going to address these three areas with real world examples of how this power is being wielded against us today.

Polemic Control

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a leftist, conservative, libertarian, environmentalist or apolitical; the true source of political power in America isn’t centered on the fair and honest operation of a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. The true source of political power comes from the financial rewards offered by corporate America.

Laws are passed from bills written by lobbyists, of whom their allegiance is devoted to the companies they represent. The lawmakers allow this to happen for two reasons; to ensure they will get campaign contributions from those companies and their executives and to ensure that once they leave public office they will be guaranteed a paying position with either the corporations or the lobbying firms. The companies involved in this scheme need this full and complete control of legislation to ensure the aspects of government that were created to regulate their growth and exercise of power over the American public, are not unleashed upon them.

All that is left to do is keep the American public ignorant of their work, which is easily accomplished by controlling the mass media and by creating bills that are so large and complex that the average American will never be able to decipher the contents no matter how much time they are given to study the bill. It also helps to distract the public by creating inner worry and turmoil in their lives by controlling the economy and providing them with mindless entertainment that helps them to pass their time while they worry about bills and being employed.

From this work a small cadre can wield true and pure political control over the public at large. There will be no secret conspiracy to cover up and covert methods to operate are not needed. The conspiracy can be carried out in full view without worry of retribution because the layers of corruption are too deep and too overwhelming for one person to expose, and even then, what could one person do?

Economic Control

As I mentioned in the description of Polemic Control, the use of Economic Control can be used to meet the goal of gaining even more power or maintaining the power that is already held. The central aspect of economic control in America is the dwindling number of companies that provide goods and services. All goods and services in this country are controlled by a small number of groups, which grow larger by mergers and buyouts, which reduces their numbers even more. The power and wealth becomes concentrated and the resources for them to continue this trend expand exponentially at each merger.

Look at your paycheck and think of where it must go before you have, if ever, money left over. Food and shelter are your main concerns. Transportation and maintenance of your goods and life follow. By time you are done with the monthly bills, how much of the money that you worked so hard to earn is left? Very little and that amount is dwindling weekly.

You need a place to stay, be it a house that you are paying to own or an apartment that you rent. There goes the largest chunk of your hard earned pay, a place to live. You have to eat and no matter how much variety you have in your diet or how little you may eat, the foods you buy are made by a small number of companies. 98% of all poultry is produced by a small number of companies like Tyson and Cargill. 50% of all agricultural products that are produced come from just two corporate farming companies. 80% of all beef slaughtered in America is produced and owned by just 4 companies. 60% of all pork produced in America comes from just 4 firms.

You need water, heating, garbage services and sewerage services where you live. Not to mention electricity and possibly gas for cooking and heat or oil for heating your home. Now the utilities are being scoured by private buyout firms, looking to plunder your checking account and the money held by the communities where those services provide a vital service. Gas and oil are subjects all to themselves. The billions of dollars made in pure profit every single month by even the most ineptly managed oil company are staggering.

The money grab is non-stop and against you, the government will not stop it because the companies have already bought and sold our government. The mega-companies will continue to narrow in number, prices will always escalate and quality in their products will always deteriorate.

Theocratic Control

Founder of the Christian Coalition, Pat Robertson, has never made it a secret that the goal of the Christian Coalition and the offshoot groups that orbit around this movement, Regent University which was created by Robertson and the people who align themselves to this movement; are actively engaged in taking control of the American government so that they may shape the laws of this nation to suit their beliefs and not yours.

Their success has been astonishing as it has only been of late that the tip of the iceberg has been seen. One revelation in the scandal about the firings of US Attorneys, it was learned that over 150 graduates of the Regent law school, a Tier-IV university, are employed at various levels of power within the US Justice Department. Just how deep this infiltration of our government by agents of the theocratic conspiracy goes is unknown.

This group bypassed economic control and instead aimed for a polemic means to their ends but their connection to the polemic and economic forces are strong. The reason is simple. It’s not because the politicians and people who hold power over politicians have a deep-seated faith in God. It’s not because Big Business are Christian men and women who wish to share their wealth with the impoverished. The reason they have allowed this group to gain the power they now have is that they are enablers for the goals of the people who hold polemic and economic power.

The Theocratic power base accepts the money given to them and the money that they are allowed to share in as they promote the needs of Big Business by placing themselves in positions that will allow them to control the mechanisms that control companies. The movement into the Justice Department by the religious right-wing is a sign of this as that department can control investigations into corrupt business practices.

How this affects you, today.

Today is Friday and most of us get paid for our work on this day. Let’s look at your routine after work and see how it empowers the conspirators who wield power in America.

After you get off work you’ll probably go to the grocery store. On the way to the store you may pass a gas station and notice that gas is now $.10 higher per gallon than the last time you filled your tank. You may even consider how much it would cost you to convert your car to Ethanol or Bio-Diesel. When you get to the grocery store you get sticker shock. Almost everything we eat now is made with corn.

Corn is at historic all-time high prices because of two things. The fuel needed in the growing and harvesting process for the corn is at outrageously high levels and corn is in demand outside the food market for use in creating Ethanol, the higher cost gets passed to you. The cost of fueling trucks that transport the food to the wholesaler, then the distributor and then to the retailer is higher; the higher cost gets passed to you. The grocery store has to pay higher rates for electricity to light the store and keep the freezers going as well as a higher price for the goods they sell. The higher cost gets passed to you.

You drive home, maybe stopping for gas at a station that’s $.03 cheaper per gallon than the others. You get home, use gas to cook dinner, burn electricity to see what you are doing and watch TV, of which the cable rates have gone up 45% over the last 10 years, and you worry about the bills you have to pay this month with what little is left from your paycheck.

Your income is steadily dropping and there is no such thing as job security no matter how hard you work or how good you are at your profession. The profits made by the companies that are eating more and more from your paycheck are much higher now because the price of raw materials has skyrocketed. Their bank accounts are bulging at the seams while yours is frighteningly short. Big Oil has even said they don’t even know what to do with all the extra cash they are floating in.

You can’t look to the government for relief because they are in the pockets of Big Business and they are busy mopping up such things as war, terrorism, corruption and foreign policy. Sorry but they are just too busy to do something about your monthly bills.

So, what’s left for you to turn to but God? Guess who’s got that market cornered too?

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