Friday, May 4, 2007

How many Juleps will the Queen have?

Back in my wilder, younger days a group of buddies and I made a road trip to the Kentucky Derby to see the infamous infield crowd first hand (WARNING: link NSFW). Like Mardi Gras, the Derby infield crowd is something to behold. Hunter Thompson's legendary article about the race and the crowd was what sparked that road trip and Thompson's description was dead on accurate.

Since the Queen is going to be at the running of the roses this weekend, my greatest wish is that she could be brought out into that mass of unwashed, drunken and depraved bodies. A good stiff Julep could brace her for what she sees, and she would be guaranteed to see a lot. It'll never happen but one can wish. I'm sure her pressence at the Downs will encourage the infield animals to be on their absolute best behavior this weekend.

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