Tuesday, May 1, 2007

News - Confirmation of the Cho/Unification Church Connection

(update by The CT Blogger - 5/7/2007 - New update on the shooter's background in the Evangelical movement can be found here)

Following a posted comment by one of the readers of the blog, there is more to add regarding the VaTech shooter’s connection to the Unification Church (Moonies).

The researcher who operates the Exod-US blog has discovered and posted details of the Unification Church connection The direct connection comes through Rev. David Kim, who you will note from a previous entry I made on Rev. Kim, was involved in the PR cover up upon the request of the shooter’s sister.

Exod-Us blog has also found much more detailed information regarding the Wellington Boone connection Via Manna Christian Fellowship, including a timeline of the movement and the Boone/Kim relationship.
(Hat tip to “Babalabo” for this story)

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