Wednesday, May 2, 2007


If you spend enough time browsing CT themed message boards sooner or later you are bound to be checking one out at the same time another CT message board is down. The comments are always guaranteed to have at least one poster questioning whether or not the feds have shut down the site, or more ominously, taken it over. CT forums go down for maintenance, hack attacks or simply failing to pay the bills but one site that stays on the radar for a lot of people, myself included, has gone dark.

Cryptome is the site John Young has operated for a number of years that has really pushed boundaries of the type of information you can post and get away with it. He doesn't post conspiracy theories but his documents can often lead the CT researcher down some interesting side alleys of the Intelligence Community. He's had many threats from alphabet agencies over the years but it looks like someone finally got his hosting company, Verio, to pull the plug and the site is sitting in timeout limbo right now.

I'm hoping Cryptome returns, anyone who raises the scorn of the FBI *and* Readers Digest is okay in my book.

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