Thursday, May 3, 2007

News - Instructor at the Naval Academy worked for DC Madam

(July 10, 2007 - For updated posts on this story please click here.)

The Navy Times is reporting that an instructor at the Naval Academy worked as an "independent contractor" for accused DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. This is actually a major revelation for two reasons:

1) The background check that is required for such a position should and would have found this little nugget of her life. The reason why this is important is because her background would leave her open for blackmail and the possible coerced use as an intelligence agent.

2) It's possible that her background as a prostitute and position at the Naval Academy could make a powerful intelligence and counter-intelligence agent for our own Intelligence Community.

Palfrey has also placed a partial list of her clients in the form of one of her phone bills online at her website in .PDF format. Click the link here for a copy. The partial list does not name names, but the phone numbers and the locations listed are interesting reading, especially the multiple callers. What is even more enlightening is when you discover that the list covers 5 days in 1996. I wonder if Dick "Toe Sucker" Morris was a client?

ABC plans to air the Palfrey interview tomorrow night on their show 20/20. I may catch it just to see the "tone" of the story. For an earlier post I wrote about a possible CIA role in this story, please click here.

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