Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Is the CIA behind the "DC Madam" scandal?

Last week I posted that the VaTech shooter's use of a prostitute was a similar behavioral pattern shared with other possible mind control subjects. This has made me think a bit more seriously about the still simmering "DC Madam" scandal. Is it possible that some of the remaining veteran spooks at Langley are using the oldest trick in the book (no pun intended) to get back at the neocon hypocrites?

For those unfamiliar with the DC Madam story the short explanation is that a woman by the name of Deborah Jeane Palfrey was recently arrested for running an escort service in the DC area. Her clientele is rumored to consist of high level government officials. Among the first to be stung for their dalliances is Deputy of Secretary of State Randall Tobias. Tobias, the Presidential appointed "AIDS Czar", who was quoted as saying that being "faithful" is a way to prevent AIDS, seems to not know the meaning of the word hypocrite.

On Thursday of last week, Tobias admitted he did use the escort service run by Palfrey and would call up "to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage." He claimed there was "no sex" in these massage encounters. Yeah...right...Ted Haggard already tried that one when the gay prostitute and crystal meth story first broke last year. It didn't work too well for him either.

Palfrey was pretty smart, apparently she maintained detailed lists of her clients. I don't know if this will be the equivalent of a "Get out of jail free" card but at the least she can have the pleasure of bringing down the hypocrites with her if she gets the heat over this. ABC news has possession of a copy of her list. Why they do no not provide a true service to this country by naming names I can only guess.

So, is this an example of Operation Midnight Climax being carried out in 2007? So far nothing leads me to believe that it is an agency job. The curious thing is that the rank and file career minded spooks are among the walking wounded from the Christian Coalition drones and Neocon lovers of the Bush administration. Would it be beneath them to pull out the oldest trick in their little black book of dirty tricks? Of course not. Whether the agency set this in motion or it just happened as so many criminal enterprises eventually lead to is possibly a side story in what could be the best Washington sex scandal in many years.

At least this one isn't as dark and disturbing as some others. Even the Minnesota Monitor is pondering the possibility that the emerging scandal is being smokescreened to take away its attention by giving us some al-Qaeda capture stories.


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