Friday, May 25, 2007

What will the Friday news dump bring?

Considering the week that the White House has had, this would be a good day to slip as many stories they want to downplay as possible to the press. Between the Democrats turning into overcooked spaghetti and a long 3 day Memorial Day weekend they have a lot of room to work within.

The fired US Attorneys scandal deepened, even if the press doesn't want to connect dots and fill in between the lines for the average American. Goodling admitted that she did in fact break the law and based on her flimsy and amateurish argument on semantics, she admitted so before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The press seems to not want to make the big summation on the list of attorneys to fire. No one who has testified has admitted that they wrote the list or who they know wrote it. The lists didn't just appear out of thin air and they have all dodged the question of where it came from.

The tainted food and health products from China seems to have fallen off the face of the earth in the media's eyes. The FDA did admit yesterday that they are looking closely at toothpaste that was imported from China to see if any can be found which is contaminated with diethylene glycol (a highly poisonous substance found in antifreeze and brake fluid). All imports of toothpaste from China have been halted until the investigation is completed.

Good old-fashioned sex scandals just don't get the response they once did in the press. Palfrey who? Even after two extremely high ranking Administration officials were caught in the web of the scandal, an instructor at the Naval Academy was named as being an escort, many DC power brokers were among those clients on the list of patrons and rumors about VP Cheney's use of the service came to light a big yawn came from the Fourth Estate. The old adage of being caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl must really apply, I suppose.

At a press conference with the President yesterday, our fearless leader warned us to expect a long brutal summer in Iraq. The "surge" will involve over 200,000 troops on overlapping rotations and he said August is a time we should be prepared for high casualty rates. The bird that evacuated it's intestines on him seemed to draw more response than these comments.

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