Monday, May 21, 2007

Ben Harbin is an excellent driver

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If the folks in Augusta aren’t already wondering what in the world their state representative was doing on Memorial Drive at 1 AM on a Sunday morning, with a buzz on and a wrecked car, I’ll wonder about it for them. For a state representative spending what appears to have been a weekend in Atlanta, Memorial Drive isn’t the first place I would think of him hanging out, in fact it's probably on the list of the last 5 places on earth that I would expect him to be. But, apparently that’s where he really wanted to be and that’s where he wrecked his car, leading to a DUI arrest. I’ll at least give the man some credit, a witness who was quoted in the AJC about the accident said this of Rep. Harbin,

“Shortly after the crash, Robby Russ, a waiter at the Standard Food & Spirits, heard what he said sounded like a boom and looked out through the large window of the bar to see a utility pole "crooked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa."

Russ, 41, said he ran out to help. He said Harbin was coherent and without any visible signs of injuries. He wasn't in "bad shape on the intoxication level," said Russ, who has been tending bars for 18 years.

"I know he's been charged with DUI, and I know he's an important guy. But he wasn't wasted," he said. "He wasn't slurring his speech or falling over his face. He composed himself very well."

There you have it. A professional expert on drunken behavior gave the man two thumbs up for not acting wasted and that should account for something. Right? So, for all you folks down in Augusta who are worried and maybe upset at this little incident, be proud that Rep. Ben Harbin at least looks like he can hold his liquor. He may not be able to drive while he's loaded but he at least looks good with a snoot full. That should be worth some credit. It carries a lot of weight in my book.

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