Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Litvinenko assassin officially accused

Prosecutors in London are today making formal accusations in the Litvinenko assassination. This case has interested me on two levels since Litvinenko’s poisoning with polonium-210 was first announced. Most obviously, it deals with an aspect of how intelligence agencies work. Secondly, Litvinenko was one of the most prominent accusers that the Russian FSB was behind the Russian Apartment Bombings of 1999. The first time I can recall hearing the phrase “false flag operation” was in relation to his descriptions of this event.

While the prosecutors accusations will now enter a phase where the diplomats discuss the case and there will be the usual posturing between England and Russia over justice, it will still be a curious event to follow. My hope is that someone, anyone from the mainstream American press would discuss at length Litvinenko’s false flag claims. When his poisoning first made headlines here in the states, the press really only mentioned his accusations of the Russian government assassinating their critics but they failed to bring the apartment bombings the bright light of investigation.

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