Friday, May 25, 2007

High Weirdness Drifter

Let's take a look around and see what has been posted and linked of late to the sites and blogs I visit regularly.

Kent Steadman appears pretty steamed about the current political belly flop that has all of the progressive bloggers in an uproar, myself included in the uproar demographic. Give 'em hell, Kent! He also has a nice round up of Ron Paul links on the front page today.

Mack White has posted some poignant and heart felt messages to his blog this week about the passing of his Father. I lost my beloved Grandmother last spring to cancer and Mack's postings about his Father's hospitalization was quite heartbreaking to me. It brought back memories of my Grandmother's hospitalization and the hell loved ones must go through in times like that. Much respect to Mack and all his work.

The reviews for Michael Moore's latest film, SiCKO, have been glowing. Regardless of your thoughts about his documentary filmmaking skills or approach, you cannot argue for the current health care system in this country unless you are milking the insurance and health care cow, or are a complete imbecile.

Mad Cow Morning News has run some outstanding investigative reports of late. Their most recent article about the late Jerry Falwell's connection to the Florida flight school at the center of the 9/11 hijackings is amazing. Make sure you check out their "Dusty and the boys" series for an eye opener.

Speaking of Jerry Falwell, the LA Times posted a very good op-ed piece by Larry Flynt about his relationship with Falwell and the Supreme Court ruling that he won and which was famously referenced in "The People vs Larry Flynt".

John Amato's Crooks and Liars blog has really upped the anger quotient over the recent Iraq Supplemental bill passage. The anger that is bubbling out over this unbelievable nose thumbing is maintaining speed and direction.

The excitable and always fun until someone get's poked in the eye message boards are rolling along at their usual pace. Elaine over at Alien-Earth has recently updated her FAQ which made me smile. Elaine is the embodiment of the "doesn't suffer fools gladly" philosophy and I've been a fan of hers since the early days when she took over the message board from Kent's website. For entertainment purposes, and words to live by, here is Elaine's updated FAQ:

Official Censorship Policy for Alien-Earth

I delete cut & paste from rense.
I delete cut & paste from worldnetdaily.
I am tempted to delete posts from FOX, because they are starting to sound like weekly world news.
I delete posts with incoherent ranting about ethnic groups.
I delete posts with personal info on them.
I delete posts that are boring.
I delete posts that piss me off.
I delete posts that I consider a "waste of space".
I delete posts when I'm in a mood, on the rag, or didin't get laid lately.
I delete posts sometimes just to fuck with you.
I delete posts at any time for any reason or no reason at all.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the High Weirdness roundup for today.

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