Friday, April 13, 2007

Plans for a quiet, relaxing weekend

My biggest task this weekend will be making a grocery store trip to play E-coli roulette with my health, all in the name of nourishment and that full tummy feeling. Other than that I'm planning one of those lovely weekends to lounge around in my boxer shorts and old ratty bathrobe and watch the tube. Unless a wild hair gets the best of me or something brews up in the national news, the posts this weekend will be on the fluffy side, save for one.

Bill Maher is on tonight, Formula 1 qualifying is tomorrow morning in Bahrain, and the Thrashers play game 2 against the Rangers tomorrow afternoon. Go Blueland! Sunday morning will be the Formula 1 race (Go Kimi, Fernando, Lewis and Kubica!) and Sunday night is episode 2, season 6B of The Sopranos. I'm going to sprout roots on the sofa and drink copious pots of tea.

One thing to also look forward to on Sunday is that it marks the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first Major League game. I'll post some comments about this on Sunday along with some thoughts about Henry Aaron, my greatest childhood sports hero and one of my true adult heroes.

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