Wednesday, April 11, 2007

News - al-Qaeda claims responsibility in Algiers blasts

While searching for updates on al-Qaeda's claim of responsibility in today's bombings in Algiers I came across an interesting article regarding al-Qaeda's reach into northern Africa that has been ignored by corporate news:

Moroccans felt relatively safe from the Islamist terrorism plaguing
neighbouring Algeria, but that sense of security is now definitively gone. A
recent string of suicide bombings and arrests has exposed the vulnerability of
the kingdom in a region where al-Qaeda is extending its reach.

Moroccan terrorists are still amateurish, but widespread poverty and a lack
of opportunities for young people provide a fertile ground for extremism to
grow, local analysts said.
(Emphasis added)

An Algerian-based, al-Qaeda-linked umbrella organization is now coordinating
North African Islamist cells which are also believed to train their activists in
Africa's Sahel countries.

I've posted a few entries to the blog over the past few days which discuss not only the fascination that al-Qaeda has with attacks on the 11th, but also about the methods of recruitment and indoctrination that link al-Qadea's efforts to create Manchurian Agents with the CIAs MKULTRA program. Links to both posts listed below:

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