Monday, April 9, 2007

News - School reopens following mystery rash (Login required, free registration)

Exerpt from the article:

Pulliam also said the school system will conduct an analysis of how it handled the outbreak. Some parents argued the school system shouldn't have reopened the campus after the first group of students complained of rash symptoms on March 23. Officials closed the school March 26 after more students said they had the rash. The symptoms reportedly went away after cold showers and over-the-counter medicine.

Students at an Atlanta area school are back in class following a mystery rash that forced the school to close. Forrest Park Middle School officials disinfected desks, walls, computers (anything that didn't move) in an attempt to stop the spread of the mystery rash. Air and surface samples have turned up negative as to the cause of this outbreak.

Was this a case of mass hysteria or was something actually causing the rash?

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