Tuesday, April 10, 2007

100 Millionth iPod sold

According to Census data there are more than 230 million Americans over the age of 16. So it appears that Apple will now have to focus their attention on the final 130 million of us who still are not iPod owners. What can Apple offer to make the rest of us Luddites, audiophiles and stalwarts to take the plunge and buy one?

At this point in the game it is probably too late for us to join the ranks of iPod owners. We have become set in our ways and simply refuse to buy one out of principal alone. What would the incentive be to jump on the bandwagon when the shark has already been jumped? The hip factor left us a long time ago and is in the closet with that pair of Cuban heeled boots that we just can't bring ourselves to part with.

Knowing the reputation of Steve Jobs he can't simply write us off. He'll need to re-double his efforts and come up with some new device that appeals to the rest of us the moment we see it. How about an iVinyl player? My design choice can be seen above.

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