Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who would Jesus bomb?

James "The Dachshund Molester" Dobson has talked about a recent meeting that he and 12 other right-wing Christian extremists had with President Bush. The subject, bombing the living hell out of Iran. Godwins Law was also invoked as the President of Iran was compared to Adolph Hitler. In other words, it was a typical day in the Bush White House.

Among Dobson's comments are some real winners:

Dobson described Bush as “upbeat and determined and convinced, adding, “I
wish the American people could have sat in on that meeting we had.”

Yes Mr. Dobson, the rest of the country also wishes that The President would be less secretive, more open and actually mingle with the common folks of this country. We wish he would talk with us as well, even better would be if he actually listened to us.

“I heard about this danger [from Iran] not only at the White House but from
other pro-family leaders that I met during that week in Washington," he said.
“Many people in a position to know are talking about the possibility of losing a
city to nuclear or biological or chemical attack. And if we can lose one we can
lose ten.

False Flag Op in the cooking? Why do "Pro-Life" leaders have access to intelligence that Dobson is alluding to? Never mind, I answered my own questions.

Dobson continued, “Some of our listeners might not like that but I tell you,
if we didn't stand up to Hitler, we'd be speaking German today.”

Godwin's Law at your service. I think Dobson needs to re-read his history books and revisit the time just before the onset of WWII and our entry into the war. But, Dobson's history books probably tell him that dinosaurs walked the earth with man, so I doubt that his source material would be worth a damn.

All in all, another day another Christian extremist kook on the loose. With Falwell now just a bad memory it's time for Dobson to go viral.

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