Friday, July 11, 2008

IndyMac is dead, Jim

Fuck, had I thrown this rumor out there in this afternoon's post, I'd look creepy level precognitive. Then again, they've been reportedly circling the bowl for a while, with the signal to noise ratio jumping this week.

2nd largest US bank failure in history, FDIC will need 4 to 8 billion US$ to fix this one, approximately 10,000 customers with the bank had uninsured deposits.

Fuck me running.


Leila Kimball said...

I'm not very up to date in current events, so I'm very happy I found your blog.I just finished reading Antony Sutton's America's Secret Establishment, and it's interesting how political intrigue is so befuddled that almost nobody can follow unless taken with utmost, circumspect care. To be honest, I'm very detached from this stuff. It's more along the lines of the Nietzsche-ian avoidance of fighting the monster in the event I may turn to one. However, I like getting informed. Thank you for your hard work.

Quiet Mouse said...

I am happy to read your blog. I didn't know about the FDIC thing, but it is very informative. All banks are a scam and the fake debt has gotten people to turn over real assets to the banking clans. I am ashamed to say that it will be the undoing of us all, these mother fucking banks