Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Even a cynic like me can be grateful.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I thought I’d put up a list of things I truly am grateful for this year. I bitch and moan a lot but this really is a holiday where reflection, contemplation and appreciation are worthwhile, especially these days when there is much to be unhappy about.

I am grateful that my older relatives are somewhat healthy and still alive to enjoy the holiday for another year. As I age I appreciate family more and more.

I am grateful that we have no one in our family serving in the military and away from home and in danger. I hope I will have been the last member of our family to have worn the uniform. It’s an honorable profession but commanded by un-honorable politicians.

I am grateful for my health, which even though it is not as good as it was in even recent years is still not serious enough to cause hourly concern on my part.

I am grateful to have a job.

I am grateful I have a simple little place to live that I call home. I am grateful that it feels like home as well.

I am grateful for the small group of men and women whom I call friends. The fewer the number the stronger the bond.

I am grateful to have the lessons of my late Grandmother, still in my thoughts. Every year I learn more and more about how to live life by contemplating her example and words of wisdom.

I am grateful to have such warm and happy memories of my late Grandfather, who I loved like a real father. I still feel a great deal of guilt for not being more like him, but I feel proud to know that I try to live up to his example. I hope he’s thinking that I am doing okay with my life.

I am grateful to have known my girlfriend’s Father before he passed away. One of the most interesting men I have ever known, he had adventures in life and I feel we had a short bond. Even though I wish I could have known him longer and better I am still grateful that he let me into his life.

I am grateful to be able to maintain a “to be read” stack of books and the desire to read them all and add to them.

I am grateful to have a girlfriend like I have. I fully understand that.

I’m grateful to know that I have one more day, one more Thanksgiving, to be with my family and talk with them. I can’t wait to hear my Uncle’s stories and get his tips on life. I can’t wait to hear my Aunt talking about food and recipes. I can’t wait to see my cousin and hear how he is doing and talk about the old days with him. I can’t wait to give my Mom a big bear hug and say the words I’ve said for years, “Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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